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Amir-Abdollahian Urged US to Put an End to Sanctions

Iran Covid-19 live Update: 70 New Cases, 2 Deaths

Iranian President: Impose New Sanctions Proves US not Trustworthy

Better to be a Soldier in Afghanistan than to be a U.S. Citizen

FM: IAEA Resolution US Plot to Make Concessions in the Vienna

AEOI’s Spox. Blasted Grossi for "Unprofessional" Remarks

Intelligence Forces Detained Element Linked to the Two French Spies

FM Advisor: Iran, Russia Share Same Perspectives on Syrian

Official: 4.7 million Tons of Goods were Exported from the Bushehr Customs

Khatibzadeh Blasted IAEA’s Biased Resolution

Iran Covid-19 live Update: 190 New Cases, 2 Deaths

Iranian Lawmakers Support Moves against IAEA Resolution

Amir-Abdollahian Blasted the Recent Attack in Damascus Airport

Senior Cleric: IAEA's Resolution Failed to Pressure Iran in Vienna

Iranian President Appreciates Strategic Cooperation with Venezuela

An Unpopular War, even for Americans!

Amir-Abdollahian: West Failed to Push Iran into Recognition of Zionist Regime

Iranian Ambassador: Anti-Iran Resolution Heavy Blow to IAEA

Iran Covid-19 live Update: 202 New Cases, 1 Death

FM: IAEA Resolution Unconstructive, Wrong Move

At Least 21 Killed, 87 More Injured in Train Accident

AEOI: Iran Removes Two IAEA Cameras

Amir-Abdollahian: Iran fully Supports the Palestinian Cause and Resistance

FM Spox.: Any Resolution against Iran at IAEA Negatively Affect Cooperation

FM Summoned Indian Envoy Over the Desecration of Islam's Prophet

Iran Covid-19 live Update: 59 New Cases, 1 Death

Amir-Abdollahian: Any IAEA Anti-Iran Resolution will have Consequences

The Zionists acknowledge the first defeat of Hezbollah opponents in Lebanon

Russia holds a nuclear exercise

Gasoline prices in the United States hit a record again

Arrest of dozens of government officials in Saudi Arabia

Spokesman of al-Nujab: The government must not be left to untrustworthy options/ “Shi’ah House” alliance is the only way out of political stalemate in Iraq

Washington's projection: Iran behaves in good faith An agreement is achievable

Italy: Some major countries oppose Ukraine's candidacy for the European Union

Ankara: Our dialogue with Israel is not against the Palestinian issue

German General: Ukrainian forces have no chance of succeeding against the Russian army

Raeisi talks with Senegalese President: Iran is a reliable partner for Africa

Leader: Spread of Terrorism in Afghanistan a Concern to Iran and Tajikistan

Iran Covid-19 live Update: Over 200 New Cases, 5 Deaths

Supreme Leader to Deliver Speech on Imam Khomeini 33rd Anniversary

Iranian Official Blasted IAEA’s Report as Unconstructive and Destructive

Khatibzadeh's reaction to Grossi's report: It is not fair

Signing a memorandum of understanding between Turkey and the UAE in the field of defense industry

Ulyanov's response to Russian oil embargo: We find other customers

Ali Bagheri leaves for Oslo

US and Saudi foreign ministers discuss Iran

The burning of the Zionist military base in occupied Jerusalem

Erdogan talks with Putin and Zelenskyy about the Ukraine war

European agreement on new sanctions against Russia; 90% of imported oil is cut off

Spanish Prime Minister: NATO support for Ukraine is unshakable

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