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Here's the CDC's new advice for protecting yourself against COVID-19

Fresh Shelling at Nuclear Plant in Southern Ukraine Deepens Grave Safety Concerns

All Hooting Aside: Did a Vocal Evolution Give Rise to Language?

Shelling Threatens Ukrainian Nuclear Plant, and U.N. Pleads for Access

Arctic Warming 4 Times as Fast as the Rest of the Planet, New Analyses Find

Erdogan and Putin: Complicated Relations With Mutual Benefits

Heavy Losses Leave Russia Short of Its Goal, U.S. Officials Say

Italy Salutes a War Hero and the Values He Fought For

Your Friday Briefing: U.S. to Unseal Trump Warrant

FBI completes 'Rust' shooting report as investigation continues

Car crash in Wyoming leads to huge meth bust at Santa Clara warehouse

Rhythm of War: A Thunderous Blast, and Then a Coffee Break

U.S. Urges Rwanda and Congo to End Support for Warring Militias

Don’t Blame Monkeys for Monkeypox, W.H.O. Says After Attacks

Xi's Message to Biden on Taiwan: Now Is No Time for a Crisis

The New ‘Monuments Officers’ Prepare to Protect Art Amid War

Palestinian Prisoners in Israel Use Hunger Strikes to Seek Freedom

Oil-Storage Disaster Intensifies Cuban Energy Crisis

China's Bursting Housing Bubble Compounds Its Economic Woes

Fires Rip Through France Amid New Heat Wave

Rishi Sunak Has a Sterling Résumé. It’s Not Helping Him Replace Boris Johnson.

The Dangerous Mission to Sneak Sacks of Cash in Western Aid Into Myanmar

Ukraine Seeks to Squeeze Russian Troops as It Girds for Battle for Kherson

People think of Mexican Catholics as a monolith on abortion. One family shows it's not that simple

Rethinking Joe Manchin

Europe's Key Rivers Fall to Critical Levels, Aggravating Energy Crunch

Satellite Images of Crimea Air Base Indicate Explosions Destroyed Russian Jets

Labor unions are hot, but their moment may not last

North Korea Declares Victory Over Covid, Hints Kim Jong Un Was Infected

'Not even Orwell could have dreamed up a country like this': Journalists forced to flee Nicaragua

China Vows More Drills, but Taiwan Is Undeterred

North Korea’s Covid Outbreak Is Over, Kim Jong-un Says

Damage at Air Base in Crimea Worse Than Russia Claimed, Satellite Images Show

U.S. Presses Congo to Slow Oil-and-Gas Push in Rainforests

Justice Dept. Charges Iranian in Plot to Kill John Bolton

Crimean Officials Detail Size of Explosions, Contradicting Kremlin

Families of Israelis Killed at Munich Olympics Plan Anniversary Boycott

How one California family helped win new benefits for sickened vets

Congo tests boundaries of democracy, climate action during Blinken visit

From the Workshop to the War: Creative Use of Drones Lifts Ukraine

Your Thursday Briefing: Trump Declines to Answer Questions

London Plans Polio Vaccine Boosters as More Virus Is Found in Sewage

Kenyans Await Results as Votes Are Counted in Presidential Race


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