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Argentina in World Cup Final Gives Tired Nation a Reason to Celebrate

Part of 2019 Green Vault Heist Loot Recovered in Berlin

Ukraine Races to Restore Power in Cities After Russian Missile Barrage

Putin's New Strategy: Laying Claim to Traditional Values

EU Seeks to Unblock Russian Fertilizers Transit

Beijing Crematorium's Death Surge Points to Rising Covid Toll

Iran Protests Create Lasting Challenge to Government, Security Officials Say

China Shows New Pragmatism on Economy

The Chechen Warlord Who Does Putin's Dirty Work

Giant Aquarium in Berlin Holding 1,500 Fish Bursts

Japan to Build a More Powerful Military, Citing China as Its No. 1 Menace

Russia Targets Infrastructure Across Ukraine in Latest Barrage

North Korea Tests New Rocket Engine to Enable Long-Range Missile Strikes

EU Greenlights 15% Corporate Minimum Tax

Ukraine Steps Up Attacks on Russian Targets in Occupied Territory

U.N. Peacekeeper Killed in Rare Attack in Lebanon

Antismoking Law in New Zealand Sets New Frontier in Battle Over Cigarettes

China's Leaders Plot Pivot Back Toward Boosting Economy

France's Restart of Nuclear Reactors Eases Blackout Fears

China's Economy Struggled in Zero Covid's Final Month

Beijing's Parcel Pileup Shows Strain of Zero-Covid Exit

Swiss Central Bank Follows Fed With 0.5-Point Rate Rise

Peru Deploys Soldiers in Second-Largest City to End Violent Protests

China's Covid-19 Surge Puts Strain on Medical Workers

Chinese Diplomats Leave U.K. Ahead of Questioning Over Clash

New Zealand Bans Cigarette Sales for Everyone Born After 2008

Netanyahu Seeks New Laws to Satisfy Political Allies' Demands

China Sought Western Pilots With Knowledge of Stealth Fighters and Aircraft Carriers

Four Migrants Die as Boat Starts to Sink Crossing English Channel

Russian Oligarch Vladimir Potanin, Nornickel Shareholder, Faces U.S. Sanctions

French Police Raid Offices of Macron's Political Party

German Terrorism-Plot Suspect Met Russian Diplomats, Officials Say

Xi Jinping Doubles Down on His Putin Bet. 'I Have a Similar Personality to Yours.'

Istanbul Mayor, an Erdogan Opponent, Sentenced to More Than Two Years in Prison

Ukraine Fends Off Fresh Wave of Drone Attacks on Kyiv

Patriot Missile-Defense Systems Would Be Legitimate Target, Kremlin Says

Tunisians Emigrate in Record Numbers as Hope Fade for Its Economy, Democracy

In Chinese Protests' Aftermath, Some People Could Face Criminal Charges

Ukraine's Secret Weapon Is Ordinary People Spying on Russian Forces

U.K. Inflation Eases, Following Global Trend

Denmark Forms Coalition Government, Bridging Left-Right Divide

U.S. Eyes Giving Ukraine Patriot Missile Defense Systems

Ukraine Wins New Aid Pledges as Blasts Strike Russian-Occupied Melitopol

French Court Convicts Eight People in Bastille Day 2016 Truck Attack

Ghana to Restructure External Debt as Part of IMF Deal

Europe Strikes Deal to Tax Imports Based on Greenhouse-Gas Emissions

Zero-Covid Is Ending in China, but Not Everyone Is Celebrating

Biden's Africa Summit Seeks to Reset Relations

As Iranian Teens Lead Protests, Scores Are Killed or Imprisoned

Europe's Energy Ministers Spar Over Plan for Natural-Gas Price Curb

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