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Twitter Employees Search for Answers as Musk Takeover Becomes Reality

Elon Musk Agrees to Buy Twitter

Amazon Workers Begin Voting on Union at Another Staten Island Facility

Conservatives celebrate Musk’s deal to buy Twitter.

Elon Musk’s Twitter Deal Unlikely to Be Blocked by Regulators

Twitter Nears a Deal to Sell Itself to Elon Musk

Trump Media Adds Former Nunes Aides, Donald Jr., and ‘Apprentice’ Contestant to Board

Federal labor board says Activision employees can hold a union election.

Umang Gupta, Who Paved Way for Indian Tech Executives, Dies at 73

Hackers Claim to Target Russia With Cyberattacks and Leaks

As Europe Approves New Tech Laws, the U.S. Falls Further Behind

E.U. Takes Aim at Social Media’s Harms With Landmark New Law

Obama Calls for More Oversight of Social Media in Speech at Stanford

The YouTube Rabbit Hole Is Nuanced

Elon Musk Details Plan for $46.5 Billion Twitter Takeover

Three Ways to Cut Your Tech Spending, as Prices Rise Everywhere

Barack Obama’s New Role: Fighting Disinformation

Elon Musk Races to Secure Financing for Twitter Bid

Jim Farley Tries to Reinvent Ford and Catch Up to Elon Musk and Tesla

Apollo Said to Be Weighing Participating in Twitter Bid

How a Dollar General Employee Went Viral on TikTok

The Elusive Politics of Elon Musk

A.I. Is Mastering Language. Should We Trust What It Says?

We Have a Creativity Problem

Activision Says It Will Cooperate With Insider Trading Investigations

How Russia Media Uses Fox News to Make Its Case

Elon Musk Is a Digital Citizen Kane

Gopuff Buys Time for Its 30-Minutes-or-Less Delivery Promise

Russian Tech Industry Faces ‘Brain Drain’ as Workers Flee

How to Choose a Mental Health App

Amazon Adds Fuel and Inflation Surcharge for Sellers

In Elden Ring, the Struggle Feels Real

Will Substack Go Beyond Newsletters? A Company Weighs Its Future.

Mark Zuckerberg Ends Election Grants

Ukraine Says It Thwarted a Sophisticated Russian Cyberattack on Its Power Grid

How Tech Companies Are Trying to Woo Employees Returning to Work

In a First, Google Goes After Puppy Fraud in Court

Twitter Grapples With an Elon Musk Problem

China’s Echoes of Russia’s Alternate Reality Intensify Around the World

Elon Musk Will Not Join Twitter’s Board, Company Says

Crypto Industry Helps Write, and Pass, Its Own Agenda in State Capitols

Amazon, Labor Organizers File Objections to Alabama Union Vote

SpaceX and Axiom Launch Private Astronaut Crew to Space Station

As Gas Prices Went Up, So Did the Hunt for Electric Vehicles

How Intel Makes Semiconductors in a Global Shortage

NLRB Counsel Calls for Ban on Mandatory Anti-Union Meetings

What’s the Future of Online Grocery Shopping?

How Facial Recognition Is Being Used in the Ukraine War

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