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Sean Penn calls Russian invasion of Ukraine 'a brutal mistake' while filming documentary there

Pamela Moses granted new trial after being sentenced to 6 years for illegally registering to vote

Russian forces closing in on Ukraine's capital

'Hands off Ukraine!' Russian protesters, celebrities risk arrest to denounce Putin's war

'They're scared for their lives': Grand Canyon's Dima Zdor worries about family in Ukraine

Zelenskyy government: What happens if Kyiv falls? What would a government in exile look like?

Biden's hitting Russia's yacht-riding rich with sanctions. Will it blunt Putin's Ukraine invasion?

A new Cold War, or the start of World War III? How historians see the invasion of Ukraine

Yes, masks are still required on planes and at airports despite new CDC mask guidelines

NHL star Alex Ovechkin – a past Putin supporter – calls for peace, says Ukraine invasion is 'hard situation'

For Black women judges like Jackson, blazing a trail has meant opportunity, scrutiny

New CDC mask guidance may start shift to 'endemic phase' of COVID; most of US population now in low or medium risk zones: Live COVID updates

More than 70% of Americans can take off their masks indoors with new CDC guidelines on COVID risk

Reports: Ukraine bans all male citizens ages 18 to 60 from leaving the country

What is SWIFT? How could banning Russia from the banking system impact the country?

After Canada, US truckers decided to start their own 'convoys'. What are they protesting?

Supreme Court confirmation: How the process for Ketanji Brown Jackson will unfold in the Senate

Mapping and tracking Russia's invasion of Ukraine

What is the Supreme Court? Everything you need to know about the SCOTUS and its justices

The remarkable, historic story of first all-Black broadcast team for a televised NHL game

N95 and KN95 masks are your best mask option—here's where to buy them online

Ukrainian soldier on Snake Island tells Russian officer 'go (expletive) yourself' before being killed

What is the draft? And can it ever be reinstated? Here's what to know

Biden's nomination of Ketanji Brown Jackson to Supreme Court is an excellent decision

Despite 'startling' racial stats, controversial 'stand your ground' laws withstand scrutiny

'Changed my life for the better': What people with Down syndrome (and their families) wish you knew

What to know about Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, Biden's Supreme Court pick

Ukraine's struggle deserves our support to protect the free world against tyrants

Open letter to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton from the father of a transgender child

'Brutal act of war': Photos of Russia invading Ukraine show mass evacuations, rockets

Fact check: Image shows 2015 Russian air show, not downed plane in Ukraine

Want student loan forgiveness? Millions of jobs qualify for updated program — and yours might be one of them.

Where is Ukraine? Where are NATO members? A guide to post-Soviet Eastern Europe

How Ukraine became the independent democracy it is today: A visual perspective of the country's history

Ukraine-Russia crisis

Civil rights movement

Used car prices

Most influential Black people in sports

Dre, Snoop, Mary J., Eminem

Black Power and Black Progress

Olympian Nathan Chen: The quad Lutz in ice skating, explained

Football, celebs, commercials

Let the news come to you

12.4 miles high. 300 miles wide. Details of how the Tonga volcano eruption was felt around the world

The 49th anniversary for Roe V. Wade could be its last unless you take action

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At-home COVID tests

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