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The Story Behind DeSantis’s Migrant Flights to Martha’s Vineyard

Indonesian Soccer Tragedy Is Latest in History of Stadium Disasters

As New Term Starts, Supreme Court Is Poised to Resume Rightward Push

A choice between two heavyweights

‘I Did All I Could’: As Floodwaters Rose, She Fought to Save Her Disabled Brothers

The Sunday Read: ‘The Safe Space That Became a Viral Nightmare’

Indonesian Fan Still Hears ‘Voices Screaming’ After Match

Leicester Tensions Have Roots in India

Anti-Vaccine Parents Go From Welcome to Ostracized in Marin County

Mystery Solved: ‘Dateline’ Finds Path From TV to Podcast Stardom

My First Yom Kippur in Exile

I Make Video Games. I Won’t Let My Daughters Play Them.

The Racial Divide Herschel Walker Couldn’t Outrun

Biden Will Visit Puerto Rico And Florida to Assess Storm Damage

The Great Guinea Pig Giveaway Has Begun

Ukraine Forces Retake Lyman, a Strategic City, as Russians Retreat

Lawmakers Confront a Rise in Threats and Intimidation, and Fear Worse

American Prisoners Are Released From Venezuela and Iran

In Washington, Putin’s Nuclear Threats Stir Growing Alarm

Vladimir Putin’s ‘Medea’

Will Nostalgia Kill the British Right?

How Private High Schools Keep the College Pay-to-Win Game Going

There Is a Tax That Could Help With Inflation

Putin’s Speech Just Told Us His Ukraine War Plans

Another Challenge for Hardest-Hit Parts of Florida: Finding Clean Drinking Water


Safety Concerns Overshadow Europe’s First New Gas Link in Decades

Facing a Dire Storm Forecast in Florida, Officials Delayed Evacuation

Putin Announces Ukraine Annexation, Calling West the Enemy

A Couple Tried to Flee Fort Myers Beach. One Didn’t Make It.

How to Strengthen Your Bones and Reduce Osteoporosis Risk

Biden Warns Russia That the West Will Not Recognize Putin’s Actions

Ukraine Submits Application to Join NATO

August PCE Inflation Data Shows Prices Are Stubbornly High

Eurozone Inflation Sets Another Record, Hitting 10 Percent in September

Congress Clears Stopgap Spending Bill With $12.3 Billion in Ukraine Aid

Iran Protests Continue Despite Heavy Crackdowns

Stock Market Ends an Ugly Quarter With Another Volatile Day

Watch Billy Eichner and Luke Macfarlane on an Awkward Date in ‘Bros’

Liz Truss’ Woes Multiply After Media Blitz

Billion-dollar disasters

Hair Loss After Covid: What to Know

Early Cormac McCarthy Interviews Rediscovered

Even as Iranians Rise Up, Protests Worldwide Are Failing at Record Rates

Health Insurance Guide: Navigating Coverage in Your 20s

How to Solve Intermediate Crosswords

The Not-So-Silent Friendship of Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith


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