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Former Interim Dean of Arkansas Law to Join American Association of Law Schools

Is a Qualified Expert Needed to Explain the Location-Tracking Function of a Cellphone? Appeals Court Says No

'He Wished He Had Had the Wherewithal to Step Back': Ohio Attorney Receives 1-Year Suspension for Lying About Client Sexual Relationship

Ohio Bar May Drop Question About Mental Disorder From Character and Fitness Application

'A Disturbing Lack of Respect for the Law': Convicted Boston Attorney OK'd to Practice in State Court, but Rejected by Federal Court

Skilled in the Art With Scott Graham: Time to Change Tactics on 101, or Just Wait for a Better Term? + PTO Launches AI Partnership + Judge Freeman Calls Out Firm's 'Possum Act'

3rd Circ.: Port Authority Failed to Prove Ban of 'Black Lives Matter' Face Masks Was Constitutional

Give Them Credit: Attorneys, Mental Health, and the Billable Hour

Steptoe's Associate Pay Cuts: Harsh but Fair?: The Morning Minute Litigation Trendspotter: Hope Dims—but Persists—for Plaintiffs in COVID-19 Business Interruption Cases

Big Law Firms Are Still Struggling to Withdraw From Representing Sanctioned Russian Banks

Higher Law: Former Cannabis CEO Wants Arbitration Blocked | DOJ Seeks More Time to Defend Pot-and-Guns Suit | Greenspoon Marder Names Cannabis Practice Co-Chair | Fullsend Sues Over Cannabis Mark

The Law Firm Disrupted: Building A Firm From The Ground Up?

Experience Is Everything: Why Focusing On Client Experience is Critical and How to Get Started

'A Monumental Undertaking.' New Lawsuits Allege Prenatal Link Between Acetaminophen and ADHD, Autism

'The Old Guard Better Buckle Up': Why the Legal Industry Can No Longer Afford to Ignore Divisive Issues

Cynthia Nance Set to Take Over as Dean of University of Arkansas Law—Again

LG Chem Must Face Suit in Ohio Over Allegedly Exploding E-Cig Batteries, State Supreme Court Holds

Bench Report: The Pros of Judges Doing Public Outreach + Does Judicial Diversity Bring Clerkship Diversity?

Does a Kitchen Mixer Fall Under 'Other Machinery or Equipment' Exceptions to Immunity?

California Central District US Attorney Nominee Reports Nearly $4 Million Munger Tolles Pay

Inside Track: Companies Vexed by When to Speak Out

How I Started My Own Law Firm: 'A Constant Focus on the Well-Being and Happiness of Your Team Members,' Says Luis Salazar of Salazar Law

'Remote August' Could Spell the End for Law Firm Flexibility: The Morning Minute

6th Circ.: Blocking Commenter on Facebook Was Not a 'State Action' by City Manager

Labor of Law: NLRB General Counsel Wants Employers Who Delay Union Negotiations to Pay Up

When Is a General Partnership Actually an Investment Contract? State High Court Weighs In

Former White House Counsel Pat Cipollone Subpoenaed by House Jan. 6 Committee

Compliance Hot Spots: Democratic Congress Steps Up Investigative Activity + Munger Tolles Litigator Reveals Pay + Big Law Reps EY in Record SEC Settlement

Alston & Bird Lawyers Help Star Jan. 6 Witness 'Navigate the Center of the Storm'

State Appeals Court Holds Patient to Arbitration Agreement Signed Upon Admission to Hospital

7th Circ. Reaffirms State Law: Repeat Sex-Offenders Have 'Diminished Expectation of Privacy'

Arizona Appeals Court Vacates Suspension of Former Police Sergeant Over Facebook Post

How I Made Partner: 'The Forest and the Trees Are All Important. Put the Details and the Big Picture Together,' Says Jason Gott of Latham & Watkins

Why Some Law Firms Have Remained Silent on 'Dobbs': The Morning Minute

Michèle Alexandre Set to Take Over as Dean of Loyola Chicago Law Next Month

Bankruptcy Judge Says Erika Girardi Must Turn Over Diamond Earrings

We Must Never Let our Cyber Guard Down

Student Petition Wants Justice Thomas Banned From Teaching at GW Law

White House Counsel Feared Trump Would Be Charged With 'Every Crime Imaginable' If He Marched to Capitol on Jan. 6, Aide Testifies

'All of My Cases Keep Me up at Night': The Heavy Toll of Criminal-Defense Lawyering

3rd Circ.: Class Members Can't Leapfrog Main Creditor in John Varvatos Bankruptcy to Collect $3.5M Judgment

Attorney's License Revoked for Fraudulent Will Scheme

How I Made Partner: 'Have Solid Reasons for Why Your Firm Should Make You a Partner, or Why They Can't Risk That You Leave the Firm,' Says Megan LaDriere White, Baker Botts

The Problems With SCOTUS's History-and-Tradition Approach: The Morning Minute

Attorney Suspended for at Least Six Months for 'Negligent Misappropriation' While Serving as Conservator

State High Court Reinstates Murder Conviction Under Recently Adopted Expert Testimony Standard

Ahead of the Curve: Reflections on the US Supreme Court's Ruling Overturning 'Roe v. Wade'


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