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Rosner’s Domain: An Already Forgotten Gaza Eruption

Seven Long Centuries Ago, Dante Imagined the End of War and the Unity of Humankind

AIPAC Doubles Down on its Mission

Feeling Icelandic at Sky Lagoon Iceland

Seekers of Truth Among The Ruins – Thoughts for the 9th of Av

Corbyn Appears on Pro-Hezbollah Channel, Decries “Powerful Forces” Against Him

Honoring Our Past by Looking Forward at Tisha B’Av

Hope for Uniting the People of Israel

The Secular Socialist Zionist Who Insisted on Mourning on Tisha B’Av

Four Hundred and Eighty Years – a Poem for Tisha b’Av

Bee Aware – A poem for Devarim

Painting with Vegetables

Diller Teen Fellowship, Guardians Real Estate Dinner, Cedars-Sinai Ranked No. 2 Nationally

Showcasing the Jewish Food of Italy in a New Book

Punk Singer Shira Yevin Working for the Next Generation of Women in Music

UN Commission of Inquiry Member Apologizes for “Jewish Lobby” Comment

The Sound of Survival: A Look at Temple Beth Solomon of the Deaf

A Moment in Time: Keep Looking Forward

A Bisl Torah – Lessons from Putt Putt

How Is It Possible?

A Call for Peace, 3,300 Years Later

How the Ukraine War is Changing European-Israeli Relations

Reading the Book of Psalms in the Twenty-First Century

NYC City Councilwoman Calls on NY Gov to Take Action Against CUNY Antisemitism

Print Issue: More Happiness | Aug 5, 2022

Healthy Fasting for Tisha B’Av

From Mystical Tzfat to Pico Boulevard

Words for the End

More Happiness: The Happy Minyan finds a home

Rabbis of LA | Rabbi Zach Shapiro: Welcoming Jews With Open Arms

Table for Five: Devarim

On Becoming 75

The Soul of Zion

Rescued, Redeemed, Robbed

Mouthwatering Mujadara

Rosner’s Domain: United in Not Feeling United

Where Have You Gone, Vin Scully?

Biden Said it Best: You Don’t Have to Be Jewish to Be a Zionist

Antisemitism Without Antisemites

Why I Dress for Work—Even at Home

Bringing Back the Young

Jewish War Veterans Condemn Senate GOP For Blocking PACT Act (UPDATED)

Summer Lovin… in Croatia and Beyond

Holocaust Book Documents Story of Couple Separated During WWII and Reunited After 7 Years

Israeli PM Yair Lapid Calls for U.N. Commission of Inquiry to be Dissolved Following Member’s Antisemitic Comments

Pelosi, Taiwan and the Holocaust

Pelosi, Her Father, Taiwan and the Holocaust

If We Want to Save Our Planet, We Need to Think Out of This World

Sinai Temple Gala, New JFSLA Board Chair

Border Crisis Beyond Belief


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