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Israeli UFC Fighter Natan Levy Calls out Kanye after 2nd Unanimous Victory

“Beyond the Bolex” A Must-See Documentary For Anyone Researching Their Ancestors

Torah Portion Va-Yeitzei – From Tents to a Stairway to Heaven

Kanye Suspended from Twitter After Posting Swastika

UN Passes Nakba Resolution

Marriage and Other Disappointments

Isaac’s Laughter

A Moment in Time: “Achieving ‘Yes! I Did It!’”

Eleanor Roosevelt’s Commitment to Israel Explored in ‘Refuge Must Be Given’

Seniors & Zumba: An Unlikely Combo

De Toledo High School Students Travel to Uganda to Collaborate with Local Jewish Community

GOATS! – A poem for Parsha Vayetzei

Kanye Says He Sees “Good Things About Hitler”

‘Cinema Sabaya’: Israel’s Official Entry for the 2023 Academy Awards

Amazon Won’t Remove Antisemitic Movie Shared by Kyrie Irving

Twitter Bans Group That Praised Jerusalem Bombings

Searching for (and Finding) Jonathan Richman

Why I (Still) Can’t Vote for Donald Trump

Print Issue: Laughs From the Heart | December 2, 2022

Table for Five: Vayetzei

See You in January!

Can We Retire the Word “Shiksa”?

All We Are Saying is Give Chickpeas a Chance

Rabbis of LA | Rabbi Yoshi Zweiback: Serving With Joy

Smoking Hot Zombies

Campus Watch Dec. 1, 2022

Mark Schiff: Laughs from the Heart

A Bisl Torah — Preparing for Light

Instinct, Intellect and Religion

The Hysterics Against Antisemitism Are Making Jews Look Weak. It’s Time to Regain Our Mojo.

Trump Crossing Lines—Again

Comedians Discuss Infamous Dave Chappelle Monologue

Israel’s Desert Is Setting for Key Climate Change Conference

A Campaign Against Jew Hatred That Actually Worked

Say Goodbye to Toxic Trumpism: An Election Day Lesson

Rosner’s Domain— Climbing the Override Law Tree

JNF-USA Conference, Sephardic Film Fest, Sinai Akiba Challah Bake

Trump Ignored Advice Not to Meet with Kanye, Report Says

Happy Thanksgiving: Niver’s News: Nov 2022

Rabbi Ari Lamm: The Optimist

Dear Santa

The Elections in Israel – and the Reaction to the Elections

Jewish Groups Blast Trump for Dinner with Kanye West, White Nationalist Nick Fuentes

“The Fabelmans”: Steven Spielberg’s Antidote to Jewish Victimhood

Comments on Torah Portion Toldot – Breaking, Becoming Free

New Book on Tragedy Asks, “Why God Why?”

Jacob and Antisemitism

We Must Beware of the Normalization of Antisemitism

75 Years Later: Anti-Zionism Is Antisemitism

Jewish Groups Condemn Jerusalem Bombings


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