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Top State Stories 12/16

Planning for Dry Times: The West Considers More Reservoirs and Aquifers

Top State Stories 12/15

Trash Troubles: The Pandemic Started It; Inflation Keeps It Going

Top State Stories 12/14

GOP Lawmakers Aim to Criminalize Drag Shows Where Children Could Be Present

Top State Stories 12/13

Tech Counties Boomed in Pandemic, New Data Shows

Top State Stories 12/12

'Plastic Roads' Are Paved With Good Intention

Top State Stories 12/9

As Overdose Deaths Rise, Few Emergency Rooms Offer Addiction Help

Top State Stories 12/8

State Agencies Often Resist Pedestrian Safety Fixes on Urban Roads

Supreme Court Admissions Case Could Upend Environmental Justice Laws

Top State Stories 12/6

More States Offer Health Coverage to Immigrant Children

Top State Stories12/5

More US Counties Lack a Clear Racial Majority (And People Are Getting Along Pretty Well)

Top State Stories 12/2

Don't Vote for Just One: Ranked Choice Voting Is Gaining Ground

Top State Stories 12/1

Funeral Aid Is Available — But Untapped — in Many States

Top State Stories 11/30

Inflation Is Cutting Into States' Big Infrastructure Windfall

Top State Stories 11/29

Felled City Trees Could Grow a New Lumber Economy

Top State Stories 11/28

Supreme Court Case Could Curtail Rights of Medicaid Patients

Top State Stories 11/23

Abortion Advocates Aim to Outflank Lawmakers Using 2024 Ballot Measures

The Nation's Vacant Homes Present an Opportunity — and a Problem

Top State Stories 11/21

Some States Open College Savings Accounts for Every Newborn

Top State Stories 11/18

College Students Push to Ease Voting Access After Midterm Barriers

Top State Stories 11/17

States Take Key Role in Fighting Fake Online Reviews

Top State Stories 11/16

States Test an Electrifying Idea: Roads That Can Recharge Your EV

Top State Stories 11/15

Top State Stories 11/14

Health Harms of Mass Shootings Ripple Across Communities

Top State Stories 11/11

Abortion Bumped Inflation to the Back Burner. Both Sides See Lessons for 2024.

Voters Push Back Against Election Deniers in Key States

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