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How’s the market? How does inflation affect my ability to buy a house?

Looking for something to do? Sign up to volunteer at a racecar race!

When a project bogs down!

Nuclear fusion breakthrough should instill immense pride in California

Confidence in election system recovers

Chronic absences rise to record levels in California, but so do graduation rates

Curved office tower, hundreds of homes may sprout in downtown San Jose

Lower Lake girls edge Kelseyville, Ferndale handles Upper Lake

Mustangs upend Knights 51-43 at Stokes Tournament

Cards end up winning twice in Petaluma

New rules for California disabled parking placards kick in, prompted by widespread fraud

Konocti A, B teams beat Mountain Vista

14 majors divided among 14 winners

Bay Area and California add jobs but the gains are slowing greatly

$11 for a head of California lettuce? Here’s what’s behind the shortage causing ‘outrageous’ prices

California’s residential solar rules overhauled after highly charged debate

California firefighters get shorter workweeks — but not for 2 years

As UC strike enters second month, grad workers risk arrest pushing for raises

Horoscopes Dec. 16, 2022: Benjamin Bratt, stand up for yourself

California AG Bonta overreach on Albertsons, Kroger merger

California’s antiquated higher education plan needs a serious overhaul

Best advice? Stay out of Russia

Knights open up 32-0 lead in Stokes opener

Cougars turn back Trojans 57-41

Cards, Trojans, Cougars suffer losses

New gondola spans California’s biggest ski area


Recent storm has lake on the rise

Konocti A team wins thriller

Guralas scores 22 in Lower Lake win

Report: 4 die when car crashes into tree, catches fire in Granite Bay

Is it too late to get a flu shot? We asked the experts.

Former Twitter employee sentenced for selling information to Saudi Arabian officials

No way out: Why a mentally disabled man was jailed nine years awaiting a murder trial that never happened

Horoscopes Dec. 15, 2022: Don Johnson, set an example

Giving homeless $500 and shelter has cut Southern California RV camps

Woman killed by her son on California college campus in apparent murder-suicide, officials say

A compromise and a blessing

A new try for unionization of legislative staff

The coming war over Hunter Biden

BOS discusses tourism, sewage rate increases and more funding for housing homeless

Q&A: With Bay Area COVID cases spiking, what new mandates are around the corner?

Accused Pelosi attacker will proceed to trial, judge rules

Sam Bankman-Fried’s esteemed Stanford parents face their own reckoning

Antioch honors fast-food worker who lost her eye while standing up for bullied autistic teen

‘Catastrophic staffing shortage’ hits California’s rural police first, and hardest

Two more Bay Area deaths linked to cold weather

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