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San Antonio braces for 'coldest air of the season' this Christmas

Texas power grid could be impacted by arctic blast on Christmas

Voters in five Texas cities approved decriminalizing marijuana. Now city officials are standing in the way.

Texas AG Ken Paxton ordered gathering of data on transgender people

8 confirmed tornadoes hit North Texas, damaging dozens of homes

DACA deal for “Dreamers” fizzling as Texas Republicans prioritize border security

Hays County Corrections Officer shoots, kills prisoner at hospital

Gov. Greg Abbott calls for five-year mandatory sentence for human smugglers

Texas to use Tesla Powerwall customers to test 'virtual power plant'

Chronically understaffed Texas prisons set stage for prison bus escape and massacre of family

One dead in San Antonio explosion, SAFD investigating as arson

Texans prepare for winter power outages despite warm weather predictions

Seguin police respond to 'realistic-looking' Orbeez-shooting toy guns

On the margins of downtown San Antonio, a maligned neighborhood mobilizes to save itself

San Antonio plans $11M improvements to Tower of Americas in 2023

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