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Flowering bulbs don’t require much maintenance

Ask Amy: Text messages interfere with couple’s trust

Spongy moth caterpillars are a serious threat to oaks and other trees in Chicago area

Ask Amy: Readers contribute wedding disaster stories

A farewell to ‘the mother of La Villita,’ Manuelita Garcia, an activist who cared for the community until her last breath

Ask Amy: Family is not restrained by restraining order

How to choose the right mulch for your garden, trees and plants

Ask Amy: Mom frets about daughter’s disordered eating

Expert tips for growing tomatoes in your garden

Ask Amy: An aging mother ponders her legacy

Ask Amy: Anxious driver is compelled to take the wheel

Rainy weather this spring helps fungal diseases thrive in your garden. Here’s how to treat them.

Ask Amy: Mother-in-law’s domestic work creates problem

How to identify and eradicate weeds in especially rainy season

Ask Amy: Faux friendship has an ominous downside

Empty potato chip bag to dress a wound? Community-led organizations use grants to address real-world violence situations.

Ask Amy: Colleague groper should face consequences

Ask Amy: Youthful photos of an ex now upset wife

Ask Amy: A COVID case overseas causes trouble at home

Chicago Botanic Garden turns 50

Deadly stretch of Milwaukee Avenue raises concern among cyclists as the season gets underway

Ask Amy: A child’s question yields vague answers

Ask Amy: Ex-husband thinks it’s time to apologize

How to get rid of grass growing in garden beds

Ask Amy: Youth group texts bug elder

Time to water the garden. Plan ahead to avoid stressing plants.

Ask Amy: Marrying couple masters the art of asking

Like Charlie Brown on Halloween, Illinois got a rock, thanks to students at Pleasantdale Middle School in Burr Ridge — an official state rock

U. of C.’s Prototype for Success program seeks to grow diversity in STEM’s future leaders

Ask Amy: Granddad’s rough-housing leads to tears

MAMAS speak out on Roe v. Wade: ‘We need to couple the fight for Roe v. Wade with multiple fights at the same time’

Ask Amy: A decade later, age becomes an issue

Hamburgers, a history: How a small Wisconsin town got credit for birth of the burger

Ask Amy: Man wants to report long-ago sexual exploitation

To combat gentrification in Pilsen and keep Latinos in the area, a co-op has ‘regular people’ creating their own affordable housing

Ask Amy: Disappointing daughter expects support

Ask Amy: Mom of trans teen is worried about church

Choose lilacs carefully, or end up with high-maintenance shrub

Ask Amy: Woman’s sexuality becomes factor in breakup

Ask Amy: Widower worries about dating again

Ask Amy: Broccoli works, until Mr. Oreo arrives

Two years and counting into the pandemic, Chicago looks at how COVID-19 has affected the racial life expectancy gap. ‘The news is not good,’ Dr. Arwady says.

Ask Amy: For advice shopper, the answer is alienation

How to prevent pooling water in your yard, garden

Ask Amy: Father feels undermined over FaceTime

Tips for finding healthy plants at the garden center

Ukrainian Chicagoans celebrate Orthodox Easter in the shadow of war

Chicago Latino experts to analyze the series ‘Aging in the shadows: A crisis of older undocumented workers awaits Illinois’ in panel discussion

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