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Climate Activists Rally at the White House to Demand Action

You Asked, We Answered: Some Burning Climate Questions

Biden Restores Climate to Environmental Law, Reversing Trump

Biden Plans to Open More Public Land to Drilling

Why Did Two Antarctic Ice Shelves Fail? Scientists Say They Now Know.

Gina McCarthy, Top Climate Adviser, Is Said to Be Planning Departure

Even the Cactus May Not Be Safe From Climate Change

California Reveals Its Plan to Phase Out New Gas-Powered Cars by 2035

Climate Change Is Hurting Penguins Unevenly in Antarctica

Donors Pledge $41 Million to Monitor Thawing Arctic Permafrost

A ‘New Era of Air Pollution’ in the Tropics Could Have a Huge Toll

As Gas Prices Went Up, So Did the Hunt for Electric Vehicles

Methane Emissions Soared to a Record in 2021, NOAA Says

Another Variable in the Winemaking Process: Climate Change

One-Third of Americans Faced Extreme Weather in Recent Years, Survey Finds

These Birds Aren’t Lost. They’re Adapting.

Supreme Court Revives Trump-Era Environmental Regulation

Lack of Hydrogen and Helium Led to Fewer Weather Surveying Balloon Trips

Stopping Climate Change Is Doable, but Time Is Short, U.N. Panel Warns

5 Takeaways From the U.N. Report on Limiting Global Warming

A Tanker’s Giant U-Turn Reveals Strains in the Market for Russian Oil

As Gas Prices Soar, Biden’s Climate Ambitions Sputter

Farhana Yamin’s Journey From Climate Summits to Street Protests

How Joe Manchin Aided Coal, and Earned Millions

Conger Ice Shelf Collapses in East Antarctica, a First

Methane Leaks Plague New Mexico Oil and Gas Wells

British Rainfall Records Extended Back to 1836 Thanks to Covid Lockdowns

How Europe Got Hooked on Russian Gas Despite Reagan’s Warnings

‘OK Doomer’ and the Climate Advocates Who Say It’s Not Too Late

S.E.C. Considers Climate Disclosure Rule 

U.N. Chief Warns of ‘Catastrophe’ With Continued Use of Fossil Fuels

There’s a Messaging Battle Right Now Over America’s Energy Future

Tennessee Valley Authority Defies Biden’s Clean Energy Goals

Ukraine Seeks Tougher Sanctions at Russian Ports

Deforestation in Amazon Rainforest Threatens Indigenous Lands

The People Who Draw Rocks

Inside the High-Stakes Race to Test the Covid Tests

Tree Planting Is Booming. Here’s How That Could Help, or Harm, the Planet.

USPS Truck Contract Prompts Cries for Investigation

How an Electric Truck Factory Became a Lightning Rod in Georgia

Frustrated With Utilities, Some Californians Are Leaving the Grid

Ukraine War Ushers In ‘New Era’ for Biden and U.S. Abroad

France’s Green Party Fails to Connect Ahead of Election

The New Captain of the Endurance Shipwreck Is an Anemone

Endurance, Ernest Shackleton’s Ship, Lost in 1915, Is Found in Antarctica

The Case for Induction Cooking

As War Rages, a Struggle to Balance Energy Crunch and Climate Crisis

Biden Restores California’s Power to Set Stringent Tailpipe Rules

How Redlining Contributed to Air Pollution Across America

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