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California's Congress members no longer want campaign money from Sam Bankman-Fried

Twitter restores accounts of several suspended journalists after Elon Musk puts question to a poll

TSA stops record number of guns at airport security checkpoints in 2022

Column: Can America's billionaires please stop whining about their privacy rights?

Southern California ports are losing to East Coast rivals, threatening L.A.-area jobs

A 32-hour workweek with 40-hour pay? It's happening at some companies

Twitter bans came after Musk's claim of a 'crazy stalker.' He hasn't reported it to police, LAPD says

Ex-Twitter employee sentenced for taking bribes to monitor 'users of interest' to Saudi royal family

Twitter suspends accounts of several journalists who covered Elon Musk

California just slashed rooftop solar incentives. What happens next?

Column: Oil and gas drillers mobilize to kill a key California environmental rule

These rebates can help with climate-friendly upgrades around the home

Plaintiff whose insurer delayed surgery is awarded $14 million over opioid dependency

Eight finance influencers indicted in $100-million stock manipulation scheme

How Amazon put Ukraine's 'government in a box' — and saved its economy from Russia

Surge in remote working due to COVID fuels record employment for the disabled

Twitter suspends account that monitored Elon Musk's jet after ban; owner's account is also suspended

The poker cheating investigation is over. Here's what it uncovered — and questions that remain

Column: By embracing anti-Fauci and QAnon conspiracies, Musk tests how low Twitter can sink

Queen Mary is back in business after 2-plus years. Free tours fully booked

Nuclear fusion breakthrough in California seen as milestone toward clean energy future

Column: Solar and wind energy are killing off fossil fuel, despite the right's best efforts

California could receive more than $500 million from Walgreens opioid settlement

California gig worker law Prop. 22 to be debated Tuesday in appeals court

A year after opening 600 rooms to L.A.'s unhoused, the Cecil Hotel is still mostly empty. Here's why

FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried arrested in Bahamas after U.S. authorities file criminal charges

Twitter's Elon Musk is warned to prepare for 'hundreds or even thousands' of arbitration cases

After changes to California's prenatal testing program, women report long delays for results

Fun ways to spend your FSA before the end of 2022

Can red states overcome their hatred of California and embrace electric cars?

High gas costs hurt California drivers as refiners rake in huge profits. These charts explain

Dismissal of journalists' lawsuit against Golden Globes is upheld

Is ChatGPT a marvel or a farce? We interviewed the chatbot to find out

Column: The GOP's war on green investing is bad for the climate — and investors

Strippers protesting at North Hollywood topless bar were unlawfully fired, NLRB says

Tesla says its self-driving technology may be a 'failure' — but not fraud

Is identity theft protection worth it? Here's what you should know

Column: Which last longer, ebooks or physical books? The answer may surprise you

San Francisco investigating allegation that Twitter converted office space to bedrooms for workers

Column: Rescinding the military's COVID vaccine rule is the Democrats' dumbest compromise in the lame-duck session

Has childcare pushed you to quit your job or delay finding work?

Los Angeles officials ban Styrofoam products in move toward 'zero-waste' city

Why I hung up on the person who said he kidnapped my child

Outgoing Twitter employees prepare for legal campaign against world's richest man

Apple's anti-union tactics in Atlanta were illegal, U.S. officials say

Newsom, accusing oil industry of price gouging, unveils plan to cap refinery profits

Column: The Child Tax Credit is our greatest antipoverty program. Why is Congress letting it wither?

Fast-food industry pushes to halt AB 257, a California law that could raise worker wages

Disgraced crypto exec Sam Bankman-Fried spent big in two SoCal Congress races

Iconic Chinese mall in San Gabriel to be renovated, worrying longtime tenants

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