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Chinese stocks notch steepest monthly loss in 6 years as lockdowns hit growth

FirstFT: Russia to halt gas flow to Poland and Bulgaria

Leon Black gave £2mn to Russian model for British visa

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Style stakes: what to wear to the races

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Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway needs to be broken up

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EU debates tapping sanctions-hit Russian assets to pay for rebuilding Ukraine

The dollar ascendant

Amazon’s tax tussle raises broader questions for investors

China’s moves in the South Pacific

Making the heart of a star power the world | FT Rethink

Letter: Why UK should stick to Northern Ireland protocol

EU warns Elon Musk over Twitter moderation plans

Ukraine war offers Latin America opportunity to boost exports, says IMF

The pandemic that American politics forgot

Court allows Airbus right to cancel Qatar Airways’ jet order

Developer Nina Freeman on why she turned an abusive relationship into a game

Heathrow labels travel surge ‘temporary’ and forecasts more losses

Morgan poaches Lamborghini director in bid to raise international appeal

Young voters lose faith in Biden’s climate credentials

Yen’s tumble stirs debate in Tokyo over merits of weak currency

European stocks rise as investors anticipate tech earnings

China’s Covid booster campaign slows as staff redirected to conduct mass testing

Money Clinic Podcast: How can we stop arguing about money?

Skadden loses top lawyer to ByteDance amid China IPO chill

IWG says demand for flexible offices at record on rise of hybrid working

UK grocery bills rise 5.9% in last year, adding to cost of living crisis

Francia Márquez shakes up Colombian politics with bid for vice-presidency

Woodside finds rising demand in Asia for natural gas over war in Ukraine

Maersk warns on trade volumes even as profits balloon

UK government borrowing halves as economy rebounds from lockdowns

HSBC profits tumble 28% on war in Ukraine and slowing Asia growth

Why cutting Russia’s oil revenues is taking Europe so long

Kim could use nuclear arsenal to dominate of Korean peninsula, warn experts

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