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Madame Wu, famed Westside restaurateur who served the stars, dies at 106

6 easy recipes for your vegetarian taco night

How these Chinese doughnuts helped save my refugee family

A new seafood spot riffs on oyster towers, caviar service (with fish sticks) and old-school opulence

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This Chicagoan explains why true Italian beef is so hard for other cities to get right

This is how to make a real Italian beef, according to the culinary producer of 'The Bear'

'The Bear' effect: Can the Italian beef thrive in Los Angeles? 'Yes, Chef!'

'The Bear' Italian Beef Sandwich

'A constant in our lives': Readers share their favorite classic L.A. Mexican restaurants

Thomcord Grape and Corn Cake

This easy upside-down cake combines two surprising flavors

In a dining galaxy of Sichuan delights, can a Shanghai star shine as bright?

New Orleans fried chicken specialist Willie Mae's launches takeout in L.A.

NyQuil chicken? FDA says the TikTok cooking challenge is even worse than it sounds

Yes, there is good dim sum on the Westside — these shaggy taro puffs are it

Honey, it should be a sweet year. 15 recipes for Rosh Hashanah

Fred Franzia, champion of affordable wine who conceived 'Two Buck Chuck,' dies at 79

California Veggie Sandwich

This California veggie sandwich makes the most of the state's summer bounty

Over 200 years of service: The work lives of 5 El Cholo employees

A behind-the-scenes look at how Tito's Tacos makes its famous hard-shell tacos

How classic Mexican restaurants offer a window into California's culinary soul

Old-school California Mexican restaurants, por vida

L.A. has been obsessed with 'healthy' foods for a century — these cookbooks prove it

Bub and Grandma's new restaurant expands the lauded bakery into an all-day diner

Commentary: Let's not demonize Roscoe's House of Chicken & Waffles after shooting of rapper PnB Rock

The soul food twist on 'The Bear'-fueled Italian beef craze

Op-Ed: What can save restaurants? Try hospitality

How to tell the difference between a journalist and a food influencer

What restaurant critics really think about food influencers

Remembering Queen Elizabeth II with scones, her way

The latest blockbuster from the couple behind Bestia and Bavel roars with ambition

The heat wave is still upon us. Here are 6 salad recipes for cool food

Everything is under $10 at this new Fairfax burger joint from L.A. dining veterans

Grieving the loss of a friend — and remembering, with pizza

How to make gyoza, and where to find the best Japanese dumplings in Los Angeles

Need a heat wave cooldown? Try these 7 frozen desserts

Where's the snook whisperer? Making mariscos in a magical Inglewood backyard restaurant

Michelin Guide adds 18 new Los Angeles-area restaurants to its California list

5½ hours and 10 bowls of pasta with Alison Brie

California Legislature passes bill to protect fast-food workers

Roland Mesnier, White House pastry chef for five U.S. presidents, dies

This restaurant has a taco for every diet (restriction)

What is a dumpling? It's more complicated than you think

Expert advice: How to eat a soup dumpling

Watch Episode 1 of "The Bucket List: Dumplings": Inside the quest to find the best soup dumplings

Kevin Hart's new vegan fast-food restaurant in L.A. lures hundreds on opening day

Tahini is all the rage. Here are 7 ways to use it.


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