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Make the best brisket, every time

5 favorite holiday cookie recipes

Best brisket ever

Don Christopher, California garlic king who forever changed our palates, dies at 88

Fiery Sri Lankan dishes at this deli by a tire shop in the San Fernando Valley

El Compadre fires manager who scolded gay actor for kissing his date at L.A. restaurant

A wood-fired pizza spot is headed to this reimagined Culver City A-frame

Op-Ed: How Americans can get more safe, sustainable seafood on their plates

My new favorite restaurant isn't a restaurant at all, and it only serves one dish

Willie Mae's of New Orleans brings 'best fried chicken in America' to Los Angeles

4 vegetarian chili recipes for getting cozy this weekend

L.A. street vendors sue city over right to sell in prohibited zones

For Hanukkah, these crispy latkes are served with a Middle Eastern twist

Latkes with yogurt and date molasses

Michelin adds 18 new stars to its California guide, including eight restaurants in L.A.

Fast-food industry pushes to halt AB 257, a California law that could raise worker wages

Frankenstein dumplings, or the pizza dumpling you never knew you needed

French onion soup ... but make it cheesy toast?

The best sandwiches in Pulitzer playwright Lynn Nottage's play 'Clyde's'

Salted Peppermint and Macadamia Biscotti

Almond Mocha Shortbread

Echo Park's Konbi reinvents itself. Look for Japanese breakfast and more pop-ups

The L.A. Times 2022 Holiday Bar Cookies

Essential Bar Cookie Equipment

Sticky Toffee Date Bars

Rubied Orange Trifle Blondies

Candied Ginger Lebkuchen

Eggnog Caramel Brownies

Aitor Zabala's Michelin-starred restaurant, Somni, sets reopening date

Column: A Randy's Donuts in Seoul adds Los Angeles flavor to South Korea

Ditch your pumpkin spice latte and warm up with dizi instead

How a traveling restaurant — with a pickle-mobile — is blazing a trail toward zero waste

Column: 30 years of masa dreams at a tamale festival in Indio

Come for the halo-halo, stay for the ha-ha-ha

It's the day after Thanksgiving — here's what to do with the leftovers

A restaurant burglary leaves Pasta Sisters searching for lost family recipes

Michelin adds 37 restaurants to its California guide, announces awards date

How to shop at farmers markets without getting overwhelmed

Where to find sheng jian bao, the best of all dumplings

This is your next must-try fried chicken (it's covered in chile honey)

9 plant-forward Thanksgiving sides that everyone at the table will love

How 'The Menu' got the horrors of high-end fine dining right

Thanksgiving, the L.A. way — 6 home cooks share their traditions

Maqluba (Palestinian Upside-down Chicken and Rice)

Creamy 'Fruit Tart' Pie

Apple Galette

Roast Pheasants With Double Cranberry Sauce

Winter Salad With Hare Krishna Dressing

Gratin Dauphinois

Need pie? 9 local bakeries for last-minute Thanksgiving orders

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