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Elon Musk Buying Twitter Won’t Improve the National Conversation

The Meal Train: A Great Community Gift

Two Words That Helped Set Me Free this Passover

The Israelites Who Stayed Behind

Boycotting Israel Is an Impediment to Peace

The Power of Passover: It Compels Us to Look at Both Darkness and Light

Truth and Truthiness: The Changing Public Discourse About Masks and Vaccines

Passover: Peoplehood Meets Ideahood

Connecting With God at Passover

Three Women to Watch

I Don’t Want a “New Normal” if it Means Not Leaving the House

Rabbi Uziel’s Passover Question: Why Be Jewish?

Eighteen Ways to Build Your Marriage

Satirical Semite: The Right to Freed Speech

No, Secretary Blinken, Palestinian Terror is Not “Senseless”

Will Smith Vs. Amir Khoury

Israel’s Unity Coalition Was Not Harming Jewish Identity, It Was Honoring It

The Most Dangerous Month

How a Woman Can Wear Down a Man

“Prayer for the French Republic”: A Message for American Jews

A Changed Turkey Can Be a Benefit to All

Satirical Semite: A Republican-Democrat Love Story

An Apology—Then and Now

How a Man Ages a Woman

Five Rules to Nurture Peace and Dignity

Biden Can’t Avoid the Mideast

As Israelis are Being Murdered, Why Are Progressive Jewish Groups Staying Silent?

Systemic Racism Didn’t Hurt Will Smith, But Class Privilege Saved Him

In Defense of Straight Talk

What No One is Saying About Will Smith’s Assault on Chris Rock: Getting Smacked Hurts!

Full Circles

In the Heat of the Night

When It Comes to Money, Focus on Your Blessings

How Can I Be So in Love With a Non-Jewish Holiday?

Escape from Kyiv, Arrive in Los Angeles

AIPAC Stays on Mission

YULA/Shalhevet Part 2: On Being a Mensch–ALWAYS

How the Pandemic Made Me an Extrovert

Yes, I Can Take Your Call Now

YULA Boys Mess Up and YULA Leader Fesses Up

Bennett, Putin and the Iran Deal

Amnesty and Honesty

As Biden Prepares to Sign a Terrible Deal with a Terror Regime, Will the Jewish World Speak Up?

Oligarchs and Bedfellows

If Confronting Evil is Right for Russia, Why Not for Iran?

Putin’s #1 Enemy Is Not Zelensky, It’s Freedom

Cookie Wars Are Over

Putin, Zelensky and the Great Unmasking

I Have a Confession: I Can’t Pray in Hebrew

Ideological Bedfellows and Useful Idiots: The American Woke Machine and the Kremlin War

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