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The Christmas Bombings of 1972: A Deafening Roar Told Me Something Big Was Happening

Chinese Student in Boston Vowed to Chop Hands Off Classmate Who Protested Beijing Policies

Azov Battalion in Ukraine: Who They Are, and What They Do

When an Ex-KGB Man Helped Stage a Daring Heist in Soviet Moscow

German Artillery in Ukraine Allows ‘Shoot-n-Scoot’ Tactics

SEALs in Vietnam: The Bitter Loss of a Friend at War

Taliban Ramp Up Public Floggings; Stage Brutal Spectacles in Sports Stadiums

When Things Went Wrong On the Road to Al Asad

Taliban Brutally Flog Afghans in Football Stadium Spectacles

Tiny Black Hornet Spy Drones Will Buzz the Battlefields in Ukraine

Russian Soldiers Told to Use Menstrual Products On War Wounds

Smuggling Ring Sent Sniper Ammo and Military Tech From US to Help Putin’s War Effort: Feds

Cartels Vie to Control Migrant Trafficking Streams in Mexico

Cartels Vie to Control Migrant Trafficking Streams in Mexico

Anna Chapman and the ‘Illegals’ Were Caught Spying Against the US for Russia; Do Others Remain Undetected?

Deadly Texas Prison Bus Escape: Haphazard Safeguards Lead to a Massacre

Deadly Texas Prison Bus Escape: Too Many Inmates, Not Enough Guards

Advanced Russian Anti-Tank Mine Appearing On Battlefields in Ukraine

FBI Arrests Lockerbie Terror Suspect in Libya

WATCH: Viktor Bout Dishes to Fellow Ex-Convict Maria Butina on Ukraine, Prison, and Putin

The Sands of Agadez: Where a Woman Knows More Than She Should About Gun Lords and Mercenaries 

‘We Don’t Have Funerals in Combat Zones’: A Soldier Remembers

Who is Viktor Bout, the Russian ‘Merchant of Death’ Who Was Swapped for Brittney Griner?

The Phantom Fouled the Latrine, and We Had to Find Him Before Sarge Flushed Us All Down the Toilet

‘The Specialist’ Tortured Ukrainian Captives in Kherson

Border Patrol Agent Dies While Tracking Subjects in Texas

Inside the Mind of a CIA Contractor: A Conversation With Shawn Ryan

‘Day of Infamy’ Pearl Harbor Commemorations Include Annual Ceremony of the Blackened Canteen

America’s Forgotten Terrorists: The ‘Galleanist’ Anarchists Who Invented New Ways to Use Violence

The KGB Manual on How to Spot a Foreign Spy: Vodka Martinis, Impeccable Manners, and Eavesdropping

A Self-Made Partisan Rises Up Against Russians in Ukraine: ‘I Never Thought I Would Do This’

‘The Deer Hunter’ Came to Town on a Cold Night in Denver

This Afghan Soldier Fled the Taliban, Was Arrested While Seeking Asylum in US

Will Edward Snowden Be Sent to Fight in Ukraine, Now That He Swore Allegiance to Russia?

Col. Nick Rowe: Long-Ago Conversations With a Special Forces Legend

Oregon’s Restrictive New Firearms Law is Impossible to Enforce, Sheriffs Say

The ‘Liberator’ One-Shot Pistol Secretly Was Given to Resistance Fighters in World War II

Letter Bomb Explodes at Ukraine Embassy in Spain; One Injured

Toyota Technicals Among Most Recognized Vehicles of War

Howitzers Changing the Course of Battle in Donbas, Troops Say

Taliban in Pakistan Tell Fighters to Resume Nationwide Terror Attacks

Can You Spot the Snipers? Test Your Eyes Against Camouflage

Russia Removing Nuclear Warheads From Old Missiles to Use Against Ukraine

How to Find Out Who Fired a Deadly Missile Strike

Convicted Al-Qaeda Terrorist Trainer Sent Back to Britain After Serving US Prison Term

Belarusian Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei Dies Suddenly, Ahead of Meeting With Russia’s Lavrov

‘The Best in Hell’: How the Wagner Group Recruits Mercenaries From Siberian Prisons

Green on Blue in Afghanistan: He Attacked Us for 40 Dollars and a Trip to Paradise

The Soldier of Fortune Guns & Gear Gift Guide

A Contractor Heads Back Into the Fray: ‘I Went to Touch the Elephant’

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