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Jihadists Say They Captured Russian Wagner Fighters in Mali

Norway Arrests Greenpeace Activists Who Chained Selves to Russian Ship’s Anchor

Moscow Aims to Capture Moldava’s Breakaway Transdniester Region, Russian Commander Says

Ukraine Retakes Three Villages Near Russian Border, Official Says

Easter Services in Kyiv: A Soldier Lights a Candle

Evacuation From Mariupol: Latest Attempt to Pull Civilians From War Zone Fails

Moscow Says US Will Launch ‘Provocations’ Accusing Russia of Using Tactical Nukes, Chem-Bio Weapons Against Ukraine

Arizona Border Recon: Cartel on the Hilltop

Kremlin Plans to Capture Southern Ukraine, Russian Commander Says

Anti-Terrorist Militias in Burkina Faso: Animists, Christians, Muslims – and AK-47’s

Col. Nick Rowe: Long-Ago Conversations With Special Forces Legend, Retold 33 Years After He Was Assassinated by Communist Hit Squad

Another Russian Commander Killed While Fighting in Ukraine, Raising Tally to 23

Russia Launches Offensive on Donbas Region: Zelensky

Russian Soldiers Refusing to Fight in Ukraine: ‘It’s Becoming Systemic’

Israel Unveils Energy-Based ‘Iron Beam’ Laser Intercept System

The Easter Rising of 1916 Paved the Way For the Independent Irish Republic

Here’s a Look at Ukrainian Stamp in Honor of Snake Island Crew: ‘Russian Warship, Go F— Yourself’

Missing From Action: Russia’s T-14 Armata Tanks Remain Stalled in Production

Kremlin Says it Will Direct War Efforts Against ‘Nationalist Battalions’ in Ukraine

New Military Aid Package to Ukraine Includes Mi-17 Helicopters, Howitzers, Javelin Missiles, and More

Kremlin Confirms Black Sea Warship Sank; Reports Say the ‘F— you, Russian Warship’ Moskva Was Hit By Long-Range Missile

‘There is Nothing Left’: As Fighting Rages, Mariupol is Like WWII Dresden

Attacks on Hospitals, Ambulances, and Medical Workers Impede Lifesaving Efforts in Ukraine: Health Officials

Escape From Islamic State: Former Captive Testifies in Trial of IS Leader; Recounts Treatment of Kayla Mueller


Biden Aims to Ban Certain Kits for Home-Built Guns; Will Nominate New ATF Head

Donbas Will be ‘Knife Fight,’ Pentagon Official Says

Putin Places New Commander in Charge of War in Ukraine

Conflict in Ethiopia Moves Beyond Tigray, Sends Refugees Into Addis Ababa

Moscow hopes to end Ukraine assault ‘in foreseeable future,’ Kremlin says

Boston Marathon Bomber Tries Again to Dodge Execution

The Missile Was Green; Our Blood is Red: Eyewitness Describes Deadly Railway Attack

Russia steps up attacks in Ukraine, amid stalled peace talks

Officer Junior Pauleus, who was shot in the back at close range was released, honored

Australia Alarmed at China’s Security Talks With Solomon Islands 

National Vietnam War Veterans Day: Honoring 6.4 Million who live, 58,320 who died

6 Navy ‘Growler’ Aircraft Headed to Germany to Support Deterrence Mission

Department of Justice Ending China Initiative Combatting Espionage

Fort Hood soldiers sentenced for role in alien smuggling conspiracy

The Butcher Baker Serial Killer of Alaska

UPDATE: On the Brink: Biden Called for Putin Regime Change;

6,595 foreign mercenaries In Ukraine, ”Not subject to the rules of war.”

Men of War: John Jungle Jordan, Teenage RLI Trooper

Men of War: John Jungle Jordan,

Author of SAS: We Dared Win on the Wag the Dog Wars

Fire Rages Near National Center for Atmospheric Research, 1900 evacuated

He Charged Into Enemy Fire, Was Left For Dead, Regained Consciousness, , Took on two More Bad Guys

Border Patrol Agents Torch Mayorkas’ Policies as assaults against agents are up 30%

Political Prisoner, Matthew Perna, jailed for a year without due process, saw no way out

On the Brink: Biden Called for Putin Regime Change; White House Backtracks

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