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Understanding the Jewish Menorah

Sling Bullet with Greek Inscription Discovered in Israel

The Three Magi

Herod’s Death, Jesus’ Birth and a Lunar Eclipse

Reading “Invisible” Dead Sea Scrolls

How December 25 Became Christmas

The Origins of “The Cherry Tree Carol”

Milestones: Michael Homan (1966–2022)

Excavate the Holy Land from South to North

Milestones: Father Bill Broughton (1929–2022)

Milestones: Burton MacDonald (1939–2022)

First Person: Did the Kingdoms of Saul, David and Solomon Actually Exist?

Understanding the Good Samaritan Parable

Making Amends

When Was the First Communion?

When Was Jesus Born—B.C. or A.D.?

December 25th and Christmas

The Last Days of Hattusa

The Adam and Eve Story: Eve Came From Where?

Bronze Age Scarab Discovered During School Field Trip

Who Was St. Nicholas?

What Did Herod’s Temple in Jerusalem Look Like?

Inscriptions of Everyday Byzantine Christians Discovered

The Tomb of Jesus? Wrong on Every Count

Was Jesus a Jew?

Where Was Mary Magdalene From?

The Philistines: Urban Invaders or Emergent Immigrants?

When Was the Hebrew Bible Written?

Who Discovered Iceland?

On What Day Did Jesus Rise?

When Did Christianity Begin to Spread?

The Kurkh Monolith and Black Obelisk

Biblical Bread: Baking Like the Ancient Israelites

Jews and Arabs Descended from Canaanites

Tutankhamun’s Centenary: 100 Years since the Discovery of King Tut’s Tomb

The Stones of Herod’s Temple Reveal Temple Mount History

Who Was the Wife of Cain?

Laughter in the Bible? Absolutely!

Were Mary and Joseph Married or Engaged at Jesus’ Birth?

More Queries & Comments Winter 2022

What Does the Mesha Stele Say?

Deborah in the Bible

The Origins of Democracy

A Sacrificial Minoan Bull

Solving the Enigma of Petra and the Nabataeans

Site-Seeing: Petra’s Temple of the Winged Lions

Who Is Balaam Son of Beor? Part Three

King David’s Tomb–A Closer Look

The Exodus: Fact or Fiction?

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