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The Doorways of Solomon’s Temple

Who Is Satan?

Jacob the Convert and an Ancient Curse

Searching for the Temple of King Solomon

Did This Winery Get Noah Drunk?

Drought Reveals 3,400-Year-Old Lost City

Tomb of Apostle Philip Found

What Did Jesus Really Look Like?

Eleazar in the Bible

What Happened to the Canaanites?

The Tel Dan Inscription: The First Historical Evidence of King David from the Bible

Excavating the Jerusalem Aqueduct

Where Is Biblical Colossae?

Mary, Simeon or Anna: Who First Recognized Jesus as Messiah?

Hundreds of Egyptian Sarcophagi Uncovered in the Saqqara Tombs

Solomon, Socrates and Aristotle

Josephus on the Essenes

Wilderness Wanderings: Where is Kadesh?

Lay That Ghost: Necromancy in Ancient Greece and Rome

New Insights on Ancient Spice Trade

Where Is Sodom?

Jesus as Lord of the Dance

2022 Dig Scholarship Winners

Does the Merneptah Stele Contain the First Mention of Israel?

Was Jesus a Jew?

Text Treasures: Cairo Geniza

The Nephilim and the Sons of God

Biblical Sidon—Jezebel’s Hometown

A Galilean Farm “Frozen in Time”

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Jethro in the Bible

Salvage Excavation in Israel

The Mosaics of Nebo

More Queries & Comments Summer 2022

Persia and the Classical World

BAR Test Kitchen: Samaritan Hummus

Winter 2021 Caption Contest Winners

Review: Voices from the Ruins

Where Noah Landed?

The Apostle Peter in Rome

Israelite Pottery and Household Life

What Does the Bible Say About Dogs?

The Virgin Mary and the Prophet Muhammad

OnSite: Caesarea Maritima

The Göbekli Tepe Ruins and the Origins of Neolithic Religion

Did I Find King David’s Palace?

Ancient Board Games and Daily Life

Errors in the Masoretes’ “Original” Hebrew Manuscripts of the Bible?

Tabitha in the Bible

Ruins at Banias – King Herod’s Palace Identified at Caesarea Philippi

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