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Sudden English Channel 'mini tornado' sucks man from floor and throws him to his death

Legendary WWE referee and best friend of Andre The Giant, Tim White dies aged 68

Monster 16ft shark filmed circling boat as it tries to steal catch from fishermen

Man hurtling to death from 2,500ft untangles parachute with moments to spare

Pets kept in 'truck from hell' waiting to be butchered for dog meat festival are saved

Children dragged from beds then taken to ranch and held as sick cult's rape 'calves'

Tragic tale of SeaWorld's 'saddest' whale who lost all 7 babies and lives in tiny tank

Putin warns he 'will use nukes if necessary' after Russian ship enters Nato waters

World's deadliest dads from horror 'apocalypse' killing to serpent DNA conspiracy

'I was killing a spider a day in cockroach-infested flat before I became OnlyFans icon'

World Cup sex ban as horny fans warned one-night stands can lead to 7 years in jail

Outrage as Adolf Hitler-loving police officer named 'Officer of the Year'

Shocking new documentary claims 80% of Russian soldiers sent to Chernobyl died

Fastest growing black hole discovered and it's rapidly eating up the universe

Bungling drug lords ship £68m of cocaine to supermarkets by mistake

Brazen tourists spark fury after having sex on Bali beach in front of horrified locals

Woman, 90, fights bear after it sneaks up then lunges at her while she sleeps

MH370 expert 'pinpoints location' of doomed plane wreckage to small square of sea

Two schoolgirls rescued from creepy abductor after mouthing 'this is not my dad'

Woman sunbathes topless on beach to see the reaction - and it's pretty creepy

Adorable golden retriever howls like a wolf when he hitches ride with owner

NASA terrified Elon Musk's SpaceX rocket will 'explode and destroy only route to ISS'

Child brides raped and made to marry their cousins by Mormon monster who married his mum

City's underground labyrinth where urban explorers party with millions of skeletons

SAS hero slams Brits fighting in Ukraine as 'they create mayhem and get away with it'

Gunmen storm place of worship as casualties feared following multiple explosions

New monkeypox advice is to have sex with your clothes on and masturbate six feet apart

Florida fishermen arrested after beheading octopus and beating baby shark to death

Rescue underway after fire breaks out at chemical plant following blaze and 'explosion'

New mum, 20, dies after putting hand in washing machine to empty it

Terrifying moment woman catches fire during flaming cocktail mishap

Dog left home alone turns on stove and starts house fire after sniffing pan on hob

Putin plays down rumours of his bad health in 'impressive' 72-minute speech

Girl, 17, killed just days after prom when convertible Mustang hit Jeep and flipped

Russian war in Ukraine now 'killing dolphins' after hundreds wash up dead on coast

Ex-Pornhub star Mia Khalifa stuns fans as she shows off abs in diet holiday snap

Putin 'a chameleon of charisma' who is 'cocky and controlling' - body language expert

Great white shark 'confused Brit swimmer for a seal' as it mauled him to death

Russia has ‘already lost’ war in Ukraine, says UK's armed forces chief

'Little girl murderer' raped and ate kids then blamed alter ego 'Rat man' for evil acts

OnlyFans model threatened by fan over publishing private video of her kissing a woman

'I'm never going to sleep again’ says bloke ‘attacked’ by a bat on walk home from shop

Stephanie McMahon named interim WWE CEO after Vince McMahon's alleged misconduct

Daredevil 'eaten alive' by snake in pigs' blood stunt is mocked for sudden rescue

China surges ahead in Space Race with new tech capable of providing unlimited energy

Notorious serial killer finally caught after bungling floppy disk gaffe 14 years later

Evil kid-killer brazenly joined search for victims - but it led to him being caught

Russia 'ready for colossal war’ and will use '100 missiles a day', state TV host warns

Woman arrested after being charged with spitting on corpse in a coffin at funeral home

Moment monster great white shark caught swimming near shocked family on fishing trip

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