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Macron FAILS to win outright majority but beats left-wing and Le Pen, projections say

Le Pen 'surge' as right-winger expected to make 'major gains' in French election

Leaked recording 'exposes' China's Taiwan 'invasion plot' as generals 'prep 140k troops'

Why Macron should be very worried about the election in France today

'Ask any doctor, these are clear signs!' GB News guest blasts Biden's capacity to lead

Fatal flaw in Europe’s plan to save Ukraine laid bare – British Army could last eight days

Putin dealt devastating blow after mass surrender of Russian troops on frontline - WATCH

Every British soldier told prepare to fight World War 3 against Russia, warns army chief

Ukraine LIVE: Putin makes final throw of the dice as Russian troops reach 'critical mass'

Spain and Portugal in grip of deadly wildfires in record high 42 degree heatwave

Ukraine shows off French-provided howitzer 'Nightmare of Russian occupiers'

Farage slams Biden after bike fall branding US President 'total embarrassment'

'They create mayhem!' SAS hero slams Britons fighting in Ukraine - says stay away

Joe Biden, 79, falls off bike into crowd near beach house 'This man is not well' – VIDEO

Heartbreaking video shows Ukrainian soldiers rushing to save dog hit by bomb

Russian war losses revealed: Putin's troops sustain such serious losses they can't attack

Macron, Scholz and Draghi caught on camera moaning about who had better room to Ukraine

Chinese residents flee in 'end of the world' panic as toxic explosions turn sky black

Joe Biden mocked by Russian pundit who confirms US soldiers have no chance to be freed

Ukraine LIVE: Putin left red-faced on his own stage after key ally rejects his war claims

Ukraine in trouble as plan to receive US drones thrown into question by security risks

Ukraine: Putin's army battered as troops 'severely depleted' in Severodonetsk battle

Mariupol faces another crisis as several residents describe cholera symptoms daily

Ukrainian commander's desperate plea for ‘serious equipment’ amid ‘constant losses’

Ex-ambassador warns it’s ‘delusional’ to think Putin will end war ‘if we ask politely’

Putin blasts West for failed ‘economic blitzkrieg’ with sanctions costing EU £400bn

'Compare and contrast!' Macron mocked as Zelensky looks 'more comfortable' with Boris

'Drop the hammer!' Putin's puppet calls for Russia to 'open new front' and attack GERMANY

Putin suffers embarrassing defeat as Russia's main objectives slip from Moscow's grasp

'Completely unacceptable' Putin warned as Russian warship enters Denmark's waters

Putin humiliated as Zelensky's troops capture deadly Russian thermobaric weapons

Putin humiliated as 'extremely rare' Russian Merlin-VR aircraft shot out of the sky

Kremlin denies knowledge of missing US fighters as it seeks to distance itself

Huge blow to Putin as Zelensky's forces obliterate tank and key supply point – pictures

WATCH Zelensky's Air Assault Brigade pulverise Putin's tank with 'famous' missile

Putin caught spasming in hour-long speech as economic forum attendees fall asleep - VIDEO

Boris stuns as he makes 2nd surprise trip to Kyiv to hold urgent talks with hero Zelensky

Russia loses ammunition warehouse after 'multiple explosions' deep inside occupied Luhansk

Putin suffers major setback after Ukraine blows up THREE ammo depots in devastating attack

Russian oligarch offered in trade for British fighters

Ukraine LIVE: Putin disaster as 200 troops refuse 'to go to slaughter' in huge war protest

Fight for Donbas rages on as Russian forces in control of ‘most’ of the battle epicentre

Australia unveils £474MILLION deal with French submarine maker to repair soured relations

Russia loses vital military equipment as a weapons warehouse bursts into mysterious blaze

Mystery aircraft from Lithuania triggers international security alert – crew still missing

Biden announces new plan to deport migrants to SPAIN as he blasts 'dangerous' migration

Putin humiliated as Russian military weaknesses laid bare: 'Not strong or powerful'

World War 3 alert: China to follow Putin's lead and launch invasion in face of EU weakness

Ukraine horror: Russian troop boasts about shooting civilians in head despite mercy plea

Putin is 'laying groundwork for more invasions in Europe' as multiple countries at risk

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