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Putin on brink as 115 of his OWN soldiers turn backs on war in humiliating snub for Russia

Ailing Putin's bid to install ‘puppet master’ DAUGHTER into power after death

'Make Russia pay' Staggering amount of money Putin's war has cost Ukraine - exposed

'Unacceptable!' Kyiv fears France and Germany could sell out Ukraine in Putin peace talks

Ukraine 'definitely not losing' but bracing for 'long bloody stalemate' fight with Moscow

Joe Biden approval rating: US President slumps in polls - critics blast 'lack of will'

‘Scholz called Putin a great power!’ Germany facing mockery as Ukraine lashes words

Putin's jets intercepted near Finland's border with Norway as NATO swoops on Russians

Kim Jong-un 'influenced' by Russia to threaten use of nuclear weapons against West

'How do you look at this girl and shoot her?' Father's heartbreak after Texas atrocity

Putin's next steps in Ukraine assessed: ‘Military is preparing for a long war'

'Nastiest growl of my entire life' Hairdresser has nose torn off in horror dog attack

US volunteers destroy Russian tanker in incredible on-the-ground footage from Ukraine

Putin’s evil plans exposed as Russia releases hundreds of deadly mines into Black Sea

Vladimir Putin mouthpiece admits Russia leader has him and colleagues under surveillance

Putin puppet loses it as Olaf Scholz forecast of Russia loss rattles Moscow elite

Desperate Putin sending fatigued forces to death in ‘vulnerable’ 50-year-old T-62 tanks

‘We'll start experiencing problems!' Russia pundit lets slip NATO pressure working

Revolting Russian officers SACKED as 115 refuse to fight in Ukraine invasion

Putin's worst nightmare as huge NATO summit to take place near Russia TODAY

'Raped in front of parents' Girls and women avoid make up to escape evil Russian troops

Putin threatens WW3 as Russian strikes could hit supply lines inside NATO: ‘It's a risk'

Ukraine LIVE: 'Apologise!' Chechen warlord threatens EU country after public humiliation

Putin religion: Does Russia’s President believe in God?

Retired British expats left without fresh water after 15-year illegal homes battle

Joe Biden set to approve long range rocket system for Ukraine - ‘We are in great need!’

Russia propaganda claims UK on 'brink of cannibalism' as Brits brace for ‘starvation'

Putin abandons bodies of 'cannon fodder' conscripts in Ukraine - Russia 'unwilling' to act

Russia expert lets mask slip as he warns military to give up on big Ukrainian objectives

Putin 'allies' fear health woes ONLY chance sick President will be ousted

Scheming Putin offers to HELP West with food crisis in brazen 'lift sanctions' offer

North Korea missile horror as China plans to BLOCK sanctions in bitter NATO blow

Delusional Russian state TV claims country is LEADER of 'global anti-war movement'

Commonwealth on brink as Anthony Albanese wants Oz vote on Queen—‘Republic will happen'

Sergei Lavrov left David Miliband tongue-tied after exchange: 'Who the f**k are you?'

Horror as 11 NEWBORN babies dead after devastating fire rips through maternity ward

Putin's troops 'amassing' for major offensive as bloody battle enters new twist

'No military backing' Putin's nuclear threat dismantled as despot's OWN army will not act

'Interested in Poland' Russia's Chechen ally hints at next target once 'Ukraine closed'

Author who wrote 'How To Murder Your Husband' essay guilty of killing her spouse

Russia's invasion force now SMALLER than Ukrainian army as losses pile up

Putin health latest: Pictures emerge of pale despot in Moscow video conference today

Peru earthquake measuring 7.2 on Richter scale strikes border with Bolivia

Why gun mad America will weep for its dead and move on - not change laws

Putin has launched 'insane' onslaught on Ukraine's Donbas area

Russia propaganda claims UK on 'brink of cannibalism' as Brits brace for ‘starvation'

Deranged Russian propaganda claims UK on verge of cannibalism due to Ukraine support

Newborn baby thrown in bin with umbilical cord still attached in heartbreaking video

Putin blood cancer: Medical expert lays bare Russian leader's symptoms 'chronic disease'

Iran nuclear emergency fears: One dead after mysterious incident at military research unit


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