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Passenger's 'criminal act' on plane to get to window seat leaves people furious

'I'm travelling around South America and funding it by filming myself having sex'

Pasta fanatic fancied penne so much she travelled 779 miles to Italy – for a tenner

Stonehenge? Just bunch of rocks with no mobile signal say crazy Tripadvisor reviews

Model who sells jars of her farts gets flooded by men's DMs asking to fly her away

UK's best beaches with lifeguards to visit during the heatwave

Airline worker gets family banned from flight for complaining over seats

Devon theme park named one of the world's best beating Disneyland and Alton Towers

Couple make £16k a month travelling the world in converted campervan

Tucked away Cambridge restaurant offers river views & a stomach filled with joy

Pensioners do 'Grand National for sunbeds' every morning at Spain hotel

Camp surrounded by dozens of pups at this UK campsite for dogs

Brits banned from wearing football shirts and swim shorts in Majorca resorts

Bloke gets 'scammed' in beach massage by being charged 100k - three times

Brits told not to travel by train during 'biggest rail strike in modern history'

Disney offers fans chance to see every park on £90,000 round-the-world jet trip

Woman slammed for saying you should be 'ladylike' and 'cover up' on beach

Secrets of a first class flight attendant – from pre-prepared food to celebs

Inside luxury glamping lodges with impressive lake views, hot tubs & homemade hampers

Honeymoon couple hit with £870 bill for parking in wrong spot at Manchester Airport

New 'claustrophobic' double decker plane design offers more leg room but less height

Woman shares travel hack to bring liquids over 100ml without packing in luggage

Mum slams parents for 'pussyfooting' around kids who 'shriek' on planes

Viral pilot's hack stops people being scared of flying and turbulence

Mum's hack turns economy seat into bed so kids can sleep on long haul flights

You can soon take on a dino-tastic Jurassic World themed escape room

'Don’t feel bad for not having fun on holiday' - influencer opens up about 'stressful' trips

Spain holidaymakers in mad 'sunbed wars' dash to reserve loungers at 6am

New high-speed railway will make journeys between major European cities even easier

Five hacks to get better sleep while flying economy – turn your seat into a bed

Plus size model turns down countless offers to go on holiday from swooning fans

Family who turned up to airport in Disney gear see dream holiday 'brutally' cancelled

'We quit our jobs to travel Europe in a campervan – with these tips you can too'

Flight attendants' grim reason not to wear shorts or touch windows & tables on planes

'Beach bodies don't require diets or workout regimes' says body positive influencer

Tourists accidentally book into sex hotel with soundproof walls and 'naughty switch'

British Airways slammed for serving 'disgusting' breakfast on first class flight

Airline Lufthansa cancels 900 more flights around Europe from next month

Amsterdam stag do buy bikes to make 230-mile journey home after easyJet cancellation

Scottish island hotel is recruiting with perks like luxury rooms and spa access

EU countries you can visit without eating into your 90-day Schengen limit

Dark tourism: Popular caves filled with bats, rats, poo and millions of insects

Flight attendants play 'Bob' on board - and it could mean they fancy you

Wizz Air boss slammed for telling tired pilots to keep flying and 'go the extra mile'

Simple airport trick can save £360 on return flights in school holidays

'Inconsiderate' passenger leaves people horrified by rude behaviour on plane

Bikini mistakes being made on Love Island that could affect your intimate health

'I was quoted £3k for dream hair so flew to Turkey & got 2 week hols on top for cheaper'

Mum's genius hack turns economy seats into a giant bed on long haul flights

How to claim compensation from easyJet as thousands still stranded abroad

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