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SpaceX launches a Falcon 9 booster for a record-setting 13th flight TODAY

Leaked audio of more than 80 TikTok meetings reveal China-based employees are accessing US user data

Archeologists race against time to save a 1,300-year-old shipwreck in France

Shoe of 10-year-old Jewish girl is unearthed in rubble of the Warsaw Ghetto

Wreckage from the legendary Spanish galleon that inspired The Goonies found off the coast of Oregon

UK 'net zero' plan to remove CO2 from atmosphere relies on burning 120 million trees, report claims

Professor Brian Cox doesn't think humans will get to Mars until the 2040s

Seven 'rainbow birds' have flown to Norfolk - thousands of miles from their native home

Antarctica's 'Doomsday Glacier' is melting fast and could raise sea levels by 11ft by end of century

Perseverance rover captures photo of a discarded thermal blanket on Mars

Nepal plans to move Everest base camp due to global warming

Extreme droughts on the Arabian peninsula paved the way for the rise of Islam

Is climate change really killing polar bears? Scientists find new population in ice-free sea

Pedigree cats should be screened regularly for gene mutations that cause disease

People who struggle to move in time to the beat may have their GENES to blame, study shows 

Does Apple NEED to slow down old iPhones? Tech experts claim 'throttling' does preserve battery life

Gallstone from a mummified 16th century prince used to reconstruct the ancient genome of E. coli

Most people don't want to be billionaires, study finds

NASA discovers two rocky 'super-Earths' orbiting a nearby dwarf star

Fatty alcohol made from fermented sugar could substitute palm oil

World's oldest campfire? Ancient flint tools show humans may have tamed fire 1 MILLION years ago

Black death mystery SOLVED: Bubonic plague outbreak began in Kyrgyzstan in 1338

How clean REALLY is your indoor air? MailOnline tests quality levels around London

Anglo-Saxon burial containing 141 skeletons is unearthed by HS2 archaeologists in Buckinghamshire 

More than 4 million Brits have hacked a neighbour's WiFi, report says

Amphibious drone that can fly and land on water could be used to monitor climate change clues

Fossilised lower jaw of a previously unknown prehistoric BEAR DOG is unearthed in France 

China claims it may have detected signals from an ALIEN CIVILISATION using its Sky Eye telescope

Uber users and drivers will be LOCKED OUT of the app unless they recommit to community guidelines

Is THIS the key to better signal in rural areas? Vodafone switches on UK's first self-powering mast

Moon rocks collected by China's Chang'e-5 lunar lander contain traces of WATER

'World's first cyborg' dies aged 64: British doctor passes away peacefully

Nearly 200,000 homes and businesses in England at risk of being lost to sea level rise by 2050s

Solar eruption that passed Earth this morning could spark geomagnetic storms over the next few hours

Did you see it? Stunning photos show last night's Strawberry SUPERMOON rising over landmarks

Breeding of English Bulldogs could be BANNED in the UK if their shape is not altered

Nutritionists slam TikTok trend, which sees backed-up users down water packed full of chia seeds

Strawberry supermoon to light up the sky on Tuesday evening

Scientists use moth wings to absorb sound and could be used to make noise-cancelling wallpaper

Two in five UK Nintendo Switch owners have experienced Joy-Con 'drift', survey reveals

Fastest nova ever recorded burns out in just one day 

Cats aggressively lick and chew catnip because it releases high amounts of INSECT REPELLENT

No signs of life on Venus despite strange behaviour of sulphur in atmosphere

Miniature 'origami robots' that can flip, spin, and SWIM could dispense medicines around the body

Showing love to your cat makes it MORE likely to scratch the sofa, study finds 

Instagram launches new supervision tools that let UK parents see who their child is following

Alien life may have already been replaced by ROBOTS, Astronomer Royal claims

How close are we to creating a 'conscious' AI?

Restaurant chain Bella Italia trials ROBOT WAITERS that could help with hospitality staff shortages

Pet pooches are like surrogate children to their owners, expert says 

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