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First 'space tourists' to visit ISS are heading home after bad weather delayed return journey

Developers furious after Apple warns it will REMOVE apps that haven't been updated in two years

Humans have an instinct for healthy food and select diet for specific micronutrients, study finds

World's first VERTIPORT opens in Coventry: Air-One will serve as a hub for drones and flying taxis

Organic leafy vegetables could be harbouring harmful bacteria such as salmonella, study warns

Space needs the same legal protections as land and sea to protect its fragile environment

Elon Musk's SpaceX Starlink 'rapidly' fought off a Russian jamming attack in Ukraine

Viking ship discovered 30ft underground in Norway using RADAR

Scientists reveal the most off-putting flirting tactics - including swearing and being too touchy

Large Hadron Collider fires up for the first time in three years

Indiana Jones was right! Smaller species of scorpions ARE more deadly than larger ones

National parks DON'T always boost biodiversity, British Ecological Society report claims

Meta urges Instagram users to stop sharing TikTok videos to Reels

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launches for 12th mission

Anglo-Saxon kings 'were mostly vegetarian before the Vikings settled'

Britons have suffered from WORMS since the Bronze Age

NASA lunar backpack could give astronauts the ability to generate a 3D map

Disposable coffee cups shed TRILLIONS of microscopic plastic particles into your drink

'Hair of the dog' tests reveal pooches that spend weeks in shelters can suffer from 'chronic stress'

The secret life of humpback whales: 'Gunshot' call offers glimpse of their lives in the high seas 

Futuristic cargo drone could be used to deliver packages over distances of up to 25 miles 

People who wear designer clothes are more likely to be seen as UNCOOPERATIVE, study finds

The science behind the perfect CRISP SANDWICH: Chicken Tikka and Ready Salted are best pairing

NASA's Perseverance rover captures stunning footage of a solar eclipse from Mars

Astronomers discover immense swarms of sunspots that could lead to solar flares

Venus's thick atmosphere keeps the planet moving, despite the Sun's gravitational pull

Early human ancestors engraved images on stone tablets by firelight 15,000 years ago

Apple will now scan photos sent and received by children in the UK for NUDITY and blur them

Astronomers discover new kind of stellar explosion called a 'micronova'

Pterosaurs could change the colour of their FEATHERS to attract mates or keep cool

Elon Musk warns that life on Mars will be dangerous, cramped and difficult

Warming climate and intensive agriculture have HALVED insect populations in some parts of the world

Using smartphone for an hour less a day makes you less anxious and more satisfied, study says

Dogs' average heart rate DOUBLES between the waiting room and the examination table at the vet

Women feel more 'overwhelmed, stressed and frustrated' at work

700-year-old SHIP discovered beneath the streets of Tallinn was part of the Hanseatic League

Hunt is on for fallen meteorite after massive fireball is seen streaking over the west of England

Treat in store for stargazers as four planets will align in dazzling sky parade this week

NASA urged to probe URANUS and study its gaseous atmosphere

Hottest rock on Earth formed in temperatures that reached 4,298°F

Artificial vision could be a reality thanks to an electric eye being developed by scientists

Meet N.swiftae! New species of twisted-claw MILLIPEDE is named after singer Taylor Swift

Holographic doctor visits the International Space Station

How Pegasus spyware 'found on a device connected to Number 10' works

Scientists develop an app that can detect whether you have Covid-19 with 92 per cent accuracy 

Antarctic sea-ice is at a record LOW, study warns

Inflatable boots that can relieve swollen feet

Boots will stop selling all wet wipes that contain plastic fibres by the end of 2022

Netflix is launching an Exploding Kittens mobile game and TV series in a first-of-its-kind deal

Brits cancelled more than 1.5M subscriptions to streaming services in first three months of 2022

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