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The North American 29

Reflections of a Hunter’s Hunter

Want to Hunt a Red Stag?

A Legend and his Legacy

A Bolt from Above

Counting Sheep

We Did It Again!

Safari Rifle Trends

Best Bets for Buffalo

Best Places to Hunt Kudu

Money for Wildlife

From Field to Table

Five Stunning Semiautos

Hunting the Waterbuck

Threescore and Ten

An Easy Ibex


Devil Birds of Hells Canyon

Backcountry Sustenance

The Right Month for Muskox

Big Warthogs

Tony Archer (1933-2020)

Sheep Week: Virtual and In-Person!

Shots at Spots

A Short History of Big-game Bullets

Telling Our Story

The Right Sights for Buffalo

The Green Hills of Molokai

New Product Spotlight

The Bear Facts, Part Two

The Bear Facts, Part One

It’s a Roan!

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