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Magnet Fishermen Ticketed After Uncovering 86 Rockets, Other Ordnance While Fishing on a Georgia Army Base

The U.K. Releases 55 Million Game Birds Every Year. This Group Says Not to Release Any Amid Avian Flu Fears

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Sow and Three Cubs Euthanized in Washington State After Breaking into a Home

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Retired Welder Catches New Louisiana State-Record Bluegill From His Neighbor’s Pond

The Best Biometric Gun Safes of 2022

Will Drones Take Over Fishing or Be Banned From It?

The Inflation Reduction Act Includes Billions of Dollars for Deer Habitat, Wildlife Refuges, and Coastal Projects

Amateur Snake Hunters Catch Giant 17-Foot Python in Florida

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My Greatest Hunting Adventure: A Cougar Nightmare, From the Archives

How Are Bear Cans Tested? They’re Mauled, Stomped, and Chewed by Hungry Grizzlies

Videos Show Waterspout Making Landfall, Destroying Buildings on a Maryland Island

The Best Gun Belts of 2022

Howa Model 1500 HS Carbon Fiber Rifle, Tested and Reviewed

Mississippi Fisherman Catches Giant Blue Catfish with a Secret Family Bait Recipe

Utah Man Allegedly Starts a Wildfire While Attempting to Kill a Spider

How to Catch Inshore Redfish, Trout, and Flounder from a Kayak

Hunting the Nile Crocodile in Zambia

Angler Lands Heaviest Chinook Salmon Caught in Wisconsin Since 1994

A Bow Is a Bow: 5 Ways That Shooting Compounds and Trad Bows Are the Same

The Best Food Plots for Deer of 2022

Montana Is on the Brink of Destroying One of Its Most Successful Conservation Programs

The Biggest Mistakes Parents Make When Trying to Raise a Diehard Angler

Ohio Woman Claims to Have Recorded Bigfoot Howls … Or Was it Coyotes?

The Best Cabela’s Deals for Bowhunting of 2022

The Story of Sheslay Free Mike, an Infamous, Mad, and Murderous Woodsman of the North Country

Despite More Aggressive Hunting and Trapping, Montana’s Wolf Population Remained Stable in 2021

The Best Trolling Motor Batteries of 2022

Tracking Big Bucks With the Mule Deer Master

Colorado Asks Anglers to Catch and Keep as Many Fish as Possible Before Two Reservoirs Dry Up

The Coolest Ducks Unlimited Dinner Guns of All Time

Can Game Wardens Hang Trail Cameras on Your Private Property?

Watch: Alligator Swims Away With Giant Dead Python

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Fish Kill Hits Famed Trout Stream in Minnesota

World Record Marlin

The Best Straight-Wall Deer Rifles

The Best Ways to Use Bear Fat

Angler Surprised to Catch Two Huge Tiger Muskies in Connecticut Reservoir

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Nightmare on Missinaibi Lake, a Survival Story From the Archives


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