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Covid interactive map: Find out how many people have the virus in YOUR area

How badly is the NHS crisis affecting your hospital?

Girl, three, impales herself on an ironing board rod after falling off the sofa while playing

How to keep cool in hot weather: Experts reveal best tips to survive the heatwave

NHS trust could have SACKED ambulance drivers who were 'too tall or small'

Horror flu season in Australia prompts warnings virus will cause havoc in Britain this winter 

Tory MP says No10's hated push to build new homes a year is surgeries GP practices

Revealed, sun creams that WON'T protect you: Tests show FIVE products do not live up to SPF claims

Being fat as a child may raise risk of dementia in old age, 30-year study reveals

UK health chiefs aren't considering jabbing babies against Covid yet

Experts tear apart flawed survey which anti-vaxxers have hailed as proof that jabs were never needed

'Lifesaver' breast cancer drug becomes available on the NHS 

Doctors must stop over-prescribing as if there is a 'pill for every ill', NHS chief says

Deborah James reveals she was given just days to live last month

Can you lose weight with an 'anti-hunger' pill?

Covid lockdowns did 'NOT make us fatter', study claims

NHS patients are being prescribed smartphones and training to be tech-savvy

NHS waiting list shoots to ANOTHER record high as crisis leaves 6.5MILLION patients stuck in queue

Black death mystery SOLVED: Bubonic plague outbreak began in Kyrgyzstan in 1338

How clean REALLY is your indoor air? MailOnline tests quality levels around London

HRT crisis: Menopause shouldn't be 'medicalised' into something that ALWAYS needs treatment

With 90% of English dentists now closed to NHS patients, more are turning to agonising solutions

FDA approves covid vaccines in children aged six months to five years

Father-of-one, 62, told he had just FOUR DAYS to live after doctors find kidney cancer

FOURTEEN babies have died on rockers made by Fisher-Price and Kids2 in past 12 years

How science behind your Netflix algorithm could help doctors treat your CANCER

Sitting for over 8 hours a day makes you 20% likelier to have a heart attack or stroke, study warns

Lager is good for you because it can boost your gut microbiome, study claims

NHS England boss Amanda Pritchard admits A&E waiting times are 'unacceptable'

DON'T panic about Covid's resurgence: Experts say virus was bound to bounce back

Covid is not to blame for mysterious hepatitis outbreak in children, experts claim

Hay fever myths BUSTED: Having sex or eating honey will NOT rid you of the seasonal sniffles

Chicago urges people who have rashes not to attend summer festivals in case they have monkeypox

Nutritionists slam TikTok trend, which sees backed-up users down water packed full of chia seeds

High street pharmacies will check signs of cancer and refer customers to specialists for NHS scans

Soaring obesity levels among children triggers a 50% rise type 2 diabetes, report reveals

Videos show shocking treatment of elderly man by at-home health aides six months before his death

Being an 'unhealthy' vegan can raise the risk of breast cancer in women by 20%, study warns

Just ONE extra packet of crisps or Mars bar per day is the difference between a fit or unfit child

Children at risk of multiple viruses because lockdown wore down their immune systems, experts warn

How new summer halloumi fries at McDonald's REALLY stack up

Justin Bieber may have to wait MONTHS for his facial paralysis to heal, doctors say

Undercover at busy GP chain where some days NO doctors are available

How calorific is YOUR favourite food? Survey finds Brits drastically underestimate calories in food

Only 9% of men will be in good health when they retire

Scientist warns monkeypox may be spreading undetected in Massachusetts

Eye surgery in car parks and breast scans at shopping centres: A solution to waiting list crisis?

Trampolines are behind HALF of childhood A&E admissions in UK, figures suggest

Alarming figures show desperate shortage of GPs as rural areas are worst hit

Retrain your taste buds to love veg by stealth, says gut health guru Dr Megan Rossi 

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