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Doctors table 'urgent' motion to cut 'core' opening hours to 9-5 - shaving two-and-a-half hours off

Red wine drinkers carry less fat around their organs than lovers of beer and spirits, finds study

How HRT prescriptions have DOUBLED in five years

UK's daily Covid cases hit just 15,000 a day as wave continues to recede

Syrian girl, 2, nearly dies after lollipop stick which was stuck in her bowels pierced her intestine

Sajid Javid is told to tackle HRT shortage himself as TWO-THIRDS of pharmacies face daily shortages 

Health chiefs stick to 'reckless' decision to only offer free influenza vaccines to 65+

Nose jobs fall out of fashion as more patients are choosing non-surgical alternatives, medics say 

Recipients of Paxlovid report symptoms returning and even testing positive for the virus again

Device which shoots magnetic pulses through the skin goes on sale

How surgeons used cow tissue to save baby Florence

NHS waiting lists: Is it worth paying to go private and jump the queue?

Covid 19: Vulnerable patients denied £800 anti-viral jab unless they go private

Long fingernails loved by Cardi B could be harboring dozens of bacteria and fungi species

Covid was the THIRD leading cause of death for Americans in 2021

Los Angeles REINSTATES masks on transit despite federal court striking down federal rules

Craving junk on a diet? Go a run: Study finds strenuous exercise makes you less likely to cave

UK records fewer than 20k daily cases for second day in a row and 284 deaths

At least 70% of people have had Covid in England, official data shows

Ice creams made by Oreo and Biscoff can have as much salt as McDonald's fries

Anthrax, animal attacks, and sexual disorders, why some Brits needed medical help in lockdown

Parents of 'miracle' conjoined twins - say pair 'constantly hug each other'

YouTube is profiting from bogus STI cure videos

Wall Street darling Cassava Sciences is under fire as scientists question trial irregularities

Should heading be banned from women's football? Study claims they have weaker necks than men

HRT crisis is leaving many women suffering sleepless nights as pharmacies start to run out, MP says

World's longest known Covid infection went on for 505 DAYS, scientists reveal

Woman, 23, who struggled with mood swings for SIX YEARS is diagnosed with brain condition

Britain's decision to space Covid vaccines by 12 weeks was right

Intermittent fasting will NOT help you lose weight faster, scientists claim

US is recording more days of 'unhealthy' or 'hazardous' air quality than ever before

Cancer breakthrough as scientists find a 'treasure trove' of genetic clues

Britons have suffered from WORMS since the Bronze Age

Former Health Secretary Hancock reveals he is writing a BOOK about his handling of the pandemic

Just one in FIFTY people who were quarantined in hotels during pandemic tested positive for Covid

Forget brushing your teeth... KISSING is just as good, claims dentist

Covid UK: DofH officials admit £461m wasted on useless PPE 'could have paid for a new hospital'

Antidepressants DON'T make people any happier, major study claims

Warning over cannabis 'edibles' as doctors urge parents to store them far away from children

Tracey Emin shares graphic photo of her stoma to raise awareness after battle with bladder cancer

Britain's daily Covid cases plunge by another third as hospitalisations and deaths fall again

Woman, 22, accused of being 'drunk' at work discovers she actually has EPILEPSY 

Omicron sub-variant causing havoc in the US is already in Britain

Using smartphone for an hour less a day makes you less anxious and more satisfied, study says

Mother, 23, who feared she was infertile gave birth to five babies

Suicide rates twice as high among patients with terminal cancers, heart disease and COPD

Eating a Mediterranean diet during pregnancy may cut odds of getting pre-eclampsia by 20%

Women feel more 'overwhelmed, stressed and frustrated' at work

How you can fight back when you're at risk of dementia

Man, 60, gets dental drill bit lodged in lungs for FOUR DAYS after inhaling it

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