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Michelle Dockery: Downton Abbey star's 'baffling' loss of first fiancé to cancer - signs

High blood pressure exercise: How simply dancing at home could lower your risk of symptoms

Hepatitis: What should parents be looking out for? Dr Nighat on how to spot deadly disease

Hepatitis: Deadly outbreak in children could have been due to Covid – symptoms to spot

Dementia: Three personality traits that may be predictive of cognitive decline - new study

Combining fish oil with blood-thinning supplements could lead to ‘uncontrollable bleeding’

Steven Tyler beat hepatitis C with discontinued interferon treatment - ‘about killed me'

What does a blood clot feel like? The 'throbbing' symptom not to be ignored

Eight Omicron symptoms affecting fully vaccinated - sneezing and fatigue are among them

Pfizer recalls high blood pressure drug after chemicals that can cause cancer found

Statins: Side effects of atorvastatin may include nosebleeds - other symptoms

Long Covid: Are you a long hauler? The signs that could mean you suffer from the condition

How to live longer: Five 'simple' habits to add 10 years onto your life

Cancer: Artificial Intelligence predicts tumour regrowth in patients

Cancer: DNA analysis uncovers new clues that could lead to new treatments

Coronavirus: Under a third of patients hospitalised recover within year

How to sleep: Drinking water before bed could help induce sleepiness

Neuroscientist warns that dehydration can lead to impaired cognitive function – risks

Wearing masks increases risk of dry eye syndrome, says study – symptoms to spot

HRT crisis in UK leaving many women suffering with low mood, anxiety and insomnia

Mental illness linked to raised risk of death from cardiovascular disease – how to spot it

Fifth disease: The illness ‘common’ in children – the signs and symptoms to spot

High blood pressure: Kimchi hailed for probiotic benefits but could raise reading - study

Brain cancer symptoms: Bumping into objects could be a sign of the deadly disease

Are you apple or pear-shaped? Your body type could determine your cancer and diabetes risk

IVF: Expert discusses what the treatment is, what is involved and who is not eligible

'People don't make the association': Three most commonly overlooked symptoms of cancer

Dementia symptoms: ‘Difficulty managing moods and emotion’ is a sign

Arjun Rajyagor: The entrepreneur setting up a medicinal cannabis company to save his mum

Statins side effects: The colour of your pee could signal liver damage - expert

'RIP my right b******k' Richard Herring on beating cancer - how to check your testicles

Doctor 'worried' about worse pollen reactions this year - allergy treatments

'Not sitting weeping' Ronnie O'Sullivan swipes at BBC reporter on 'snooker depression'

Overactive bladder pill could soon be available without prescription in new hope for women

Dr Chris explains how you could test positive for Covid-19 for two years

Professor Linda shares exactly why AstraZeneca is no longer used as booster jab

Dr Susan Hopkins reveals top symptoms to look out for in your child as hepatitis sweeps UK

GORD: The best sleeping position to ease night time symptoms – expert tips

Rosacea symptoms: Warning signs of condition can affect the nose and eyes – is it serious?

Cancer warning: The risk of the disease may be twofold higher in sleep apnea patients

Cancer: ‘Excess weight almost doubles a woman’s risk’ warns new study – symptoms to spot

Long Covid: Expert outlines the most common signs people should see a GP for

Man with PTSD from deadly 100mph car crash says Wim Hof breathing method cured him

Cannabis and cancer: Can it help treat the disease or does it increase a person's risk?

'Promising intervention' - hyperbaric oxygen therapy could treat long Covid symptoms

Toilet warning: Straining on the loo can cause rectal prolapse - warning signs

Stroke and high blood pressure: Minimise your risk of a life-threatening brain aneurysm

Heart disease: The disorder you may not notice until 'later in life' - Marfan syndrome

Daniel Craig health: 'I was in cloud cuckoo land' - James Bond actor's 'low' mental health

Oral health: Want nice breath and healthy teeth? Kissing is ‘just as good’ as brushing

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