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The Best Alcohol Stoves of 2022

“10 Inches of Arrow Were in My Leg.” Bowhunter Suffers Freak Accident on Elk Hunt

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New Report Provides a Roadmap for Sagebrush Conservation in the West

The Best Goose Calls of 2022

Monster Velvet Bucks from Kentucky and Tennessee

10-Year-Old Texan Catches Her Personal Best Alligator Gar, Releases the Would-Be State Record

The Best Frog Rods of 2022

.222 Remington Magnum: A Classic Cartridge That Still Gets It Done on Varmints and Predators

Kentucky Bowhunter Tags Tall-Antlered Buck

The Best Duck Calls of 2022

Kansas Hunter Tags Giant 230-Inch Buck During Early Muzzleloader Season

Court Case Involving Three Vermont Hunters, a 61-Year-Old Suspect, and a Can of Bear Spray Moves Forward

Bodies of Two Missing Alaskan Moose Hunters Found, Search for Third Continues

The Best Times to Hunt the Whitetail Rut This Season

Review: Leica Geovid Pro 10×32 with Applied Ballistics Elite Is the Ultimate Hunting Binocular

The Best Deer Decoys of 2022

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Pending Record Blue Catfish Caught (and Released) in Tennessee

The Best Camping Games of 2022

Famous Bull Moose Killed in Fight with Even Bigger Bull

New Maryland Swordfish Crushes Previous State Record by 75 Pounds

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The Best Solar Chargers of 2022

Why I Hunt the Whitetail Rut by Moon Phase—and You Should Too

Police Dashcam Video: Deer Leaps Over Moving Car

The Best Pistol Lights of 2022

Tips from The Hunting Public: How to Hunt Whitetails in Public Land River Bottoms

What If Grizzly Bears Killed as Many Hunters as Treestand Accidents Do?

Researchers Are Now Able to Predict Mule Deer Migrations Using Habitat and Forage Rather Than GPS Collars

The Ruger Red Label: America’s Last Working-Class Over/Under

Grizzly Bear Mauls 9-Year-Old Boy on Moose Hunt in Alaska

Attacked on the Nushagak: When a Moose Hunter Gets Pinned by a Brown Bear, It’s Up to His Hunting Partner to Save His Life

Your First Elk Hunt: What Rifle Should You Bring?

Saskatchewan Hunter Arrows Moose-Like Buck, Gets Heat Exhaustion

Watch This Vicious Mama Warthog Chase a Leopard Off Her Piglets

Florida Has Become the Budget-Friendly Amazon for Anglers


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