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Weight loss: Woman who ‘couldn’t walk anymore’ shed 3st by focusing on portion control

Pippa Middleton eats 'sensible portions' to slim– but also 'a little of the naughty stuff'

Woman loses 7st by 'listening to her body' and not following a diet - 'I have more energy'

Weight loss: Burn 3,000 calories without exercising - ‘Do a bit of housework!’

Jane McDonald: Singer shares foods she ate & avoided to lose 4st – ‘best thing I’ve done’

‘Still got a little bit of a tum!’ Matt Lucas slimmed down by getting 'fitter'

'Make water interesting!' Michael Mosley’s weight loss diet 'rule' - 'No calorie drinks'

Man who was ‘heading for early grave’ shed 3.2st in 6mths - 'Swapped spare tyre for abs!'

Harry's healthy diet 'indicative of Meghan’s influence' - but still 'loves a Sunday roast'

‘Excess fat disappeared!’ Amanda Holden's favourite yoga move for a ‘flatter tummy’

James Martin lost 5st by ‘eating exactly the same’ but changing what he drinks

Gregg Wallace had 'three big meals’ a day to lose 4 stone - 'made a big difference'

Nutritionist shares 'right' & 'wrong' foods to lose weight at 50 - 'replace refined carbs'

Kate Middleton diet: Doctor shares Duchess’ ‘secret’ to slim frame - ‘all about balance’

‘I was a serial snacker’: Mum of 4 tackles type 1 diabetes and drops 3.6 stone or 50lbs

Michael Mosley says 'quality protein' is 'very effective' to lose fat -best foods for diet

‘Shock the muscles!’ Burn more calories while resting with eccentric training

Mediterranean diet may lower risk for pre-eclampsia during pregnancy - Study

Queen's diet at 96: Monarch 'starts her day with Earl Grey tea' and 'walks her dogs daily'

‘Smallest I’ve been in 30 years’ Mark Labbett still dieting after 10st weight loss

'Game changer!' Women shed 5st without ‘restricting' what she ate - 'No miserable diet!'

Weight loss: Lose 1st in 4wks with keto diet - 'The challenge is to get to end of month'

Rebel Wilson kickstarted 5.5st weight loss with alkaline-diet and 'cancelling dinner'

Drinking coffee can burn fat but dieters warned of one type- 'worst thing for weight loss'

Jane McDonald only eats ‘one type of bread’ to stay slim after 4st weight loss

Meghan Markle's diet is 'all about balance' - 'I don't ever want to feel deprived'

James Martin: Chef lost five stone with ‘simple’ changes – ‘it’s not rocket science’

Rosemary Shrager drops a dress size in 6 weeks with keto diet in bid to 'stay alive'

How Capital Radio's Sonny Jay lost 2.4kgs of body fat in 12 weeks and shrunk his waist 5in

Dr Mosley advises 'eating earlier' and other ways to lose weight– 'it's really important'

‘Couldn’t fit on theme park rides!’ Woman lost 13.5st with ‘extremely easy’ diet plan

Meghan Markle swapped running for gym workouts to stay slim 'Can't run the way I used to!'

‘I don’t diet!’ Gregg Wallace lost 4st by eating three ‘hearty meals’ a day and no snacks

Princess Beatrice's 'likely' diet to 'aid in weight loss & reduce belly fat' after Sienna

'Healthiest diet on the planet': Michael Mosley shares Mediterranean plan for weight loss

Chocolate cravings: Tea and melon can stop sweet cravings - 'really low calorie'

Woman who ‘dreamt of having flat stomach’ transforms body with 4.4st weight loss

'Huge fan of eggs': Michael Mosley's high-protein keto breakfast for 'major fat burning'

'It's not the butter': James Martin stays slim whilst enjoying high-fat treats

Camilla performs 'recommended' exercise for her age group - to avoid 'muscular pain'

‘Outsmart menopausal symptoms’ Keto diet can ‘balance hormones’ for weight loss

Scarlett Moffatt: Exercising to look good can be ‘toxic’ -‘Focus on how it makes you feel'

Sophie Wessex's 'plant-based food' diet & hydration will create glowing skin for Caribbean

‘Looking so slim!’ Alison Hammond shows off ‘amazing’ weight loss after cutting out sugar

Michael Mosley: Perform daily squats and press-ups 'really slowly' to lose body fat faster

Dr Mosley: Exercise is 'key' for losing belly fat - 'just 10 minutes' can be 'crucial'

'It wasn’t a struggle!' Gregg Wallace explains how he lost 4st ‘without being on a diet’

Pippa Middleton’s diet to stay slim includes ‘occasional glass of wine’ – ‘balanced diet’

'I do every day': Dr Mosley says squats are 'particularly effective' exercise to lose fat

Weight loss: Eating grapefruit every day is said to help body ‘burn fat faster’

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