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'Don't touch me' Roger Moore's horror at James Bond co-star's 'unnatural lusts'

James Bond: The real reason why Clint Eastwood turned down playing 007 after Sean Connery

Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis refused to speak off-camera on final movie ‘It was so painful’

Sean Connery's furious admission on final film appearance: ‘Was a nightmare!'

Sean Connery went on strike in A Bridge Too Far after learning about Robert Redford's role

Lisa Marie Presley: ‘My first smile in two years’ – Elvis star ‘channelled my dad’ WATCH

Sean Connery's wife was 'furious' over life-threatening film stunts

Paul McCartney had to fight James Bond producers to save his Live and Let Die theme song

Dirty Dancing feud: Patrick Swayze really hated the ending 'Why would he choose her?'

Elvis girlfriend who found him dead erased from biopic ‘For history’s sake tell his story’

Jennifer Grey reveals one thing she wishes she'd told Patrick Swayze: 'I'm so sorry'

Katharine Hepburn mocked Jane Fonda over Oscar row: 'Won't catch me now!'

Humphrey Bogart's blunt assessment of Casablanca: 'Ridiculous and Unbelievable!'

Katharine Hepburn suffered brutal illness during African Queen - Humphrey Bogart dodged it

Peter Finch's sombre reality of death catching him: 'Sometimes stare at my coffin'

Audrey Hepburn heartbreak as star 'didn't understand why people saw her as beautiful'

Lisa Marie Presley on her ‘emotional, incredible’ time at Elvis movie’s Graceland premiere

Lightyear end credits scenes explained: How Lightyear 2 is set up in surprise third scene

Next James Bond: Sam Heughan confesses hope to play 007 after failed audition

Everything Went Fine review: Classy French drama from François Ozon

Johnny Depp issued grave warning to actor after 'drug incident'

James Bond hopeful Henry Cavill 'snubs 007 temptation' in video after Daniel Craig exit

Celebrating sexual liberation and prostitution: Good Luck To You, Leo Grande review

Spiderhead review - simplistic and full of plotholes

Elvis girlfriend Linda hits back at Baz Luhrman biopic 'I know the truth'

Lightyear review: another desperate Pixar cash grab

'Well-endowed' Frank Sinatra seduced stars like Grace Kelly with more than his blue eyes

Bing Crosby was devastated to discover lover Grace Kelly naked with another huge star

Bing Crosby's 'heartbreaking' WW2 support laid bare after lost box of letters unearthed

Grace Kelly heartbreak as son Albert admitted 'hope' that Hollywood star 'would be proud'

Julie Andrews reunites with The Sound Of Music's von Trapp children

Cyd Charisse left 'black and blue' by Gene Kelly who was 'rougher than Fred Astaire'

Tom Hanks' ‘painful’ feud with Hollywood star saw swift firing after just days on film set

Captain America: Chris Evans will return to MCU as Steve Rogers on one condition – WATCH

Robert De Niro’s 30-year feud with Mickey Rourke sparked on set ‘You big f***ing crybaby!’

Judy Garland Wizard of Oz horrors began on set with 'dirty tricks' from her co-stars

Robert De Niro's furious row with Leonardo DiCaprio secured Titanic star’s first role

James Stewart was 'forced' to attend a brothel by studio over sexuality fears

James Stewart's devastating 'betrayal' of Marlene Dietrich after on-set affair

John Wayne hospitalised on traumatic final film – so ill almost forbidden from finishing

John Wayne's incredible lesser-known legacy unearthed in forgotten Star Wars role

Val Kilmer's joy at 'speaking' to Tom Cruise in Top Gun after losing voice to cancer

Errol Flynn's rage when a major male Hollywood star rejected his advances

Bette Davis' 'indestructible' temper sparked huge row which changed the face of Hollywood

Johnny Depp: Pirates 6 ‘primed for Jack Sparrow return post-verdict’ claims ex Disney exec

MEN review: Alex Garland's effective chiller has a painfully unsubtle feminist subtext

Elvis and Ann-Margret ‘crawled like cats’ in private show of their ‘fiery pent-up passion’

Elvis Presley's cheeky reply when co-star begged him not to kiss her shows wit and class

'Appalling man' Rex Harrison's shocking treatment of Audrey Hepburn and Julie Andrews

Tony Curtis left kids nothing including Jamie Lee Curtis 'My parents hated each other'

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