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Traffic warden fines driver despite heartfelt note – ‘Just arrived from Ukraine'

Drivers may be fined thousands if hayfever causes reckless driving- ‘Take responsibility!’

Elderly driver fined £1,152 for overtaking cyclist too closely – ‘Absolutely appalling!’

Petrol prices: How to make your car more fuel efficient

Drivers can save 60 percent on new electric cars without grants - 'most affordable way'

The ideal mileage to look for when buying a used car - why low isn’t always best

All home electric car chargers need to be smart from next week - May not 'go far enough'

Potholes on UK roads NEED priority over new cycle lanes: ‘Danger to everyone!’

POLL: Are British drivers treated like cash cows by the police?

Drivers urged to use ventilation hack that doesn’t rely on air con and saves fuel

UK's favourite car changes for the first time since 2009 as Ford knocked off the top spot

Drivers could be slapped with £5,000 fines for wearing certain clothes during heatwaves

Drivers urged to follow a simple fuel-saving trick that can save hundreds per year

‘Lycra louts!’ Drivers and cyclists go head to head over helmet cam videos

Record petrol and diesel costs being passed onto 'hardest hit' drivers - 'likely to rise'

Drivers wanting switch to EVs now face huge wait as manufacturers pull the plug

The most economical cars you can buy right now: includes Toyota, Kia and Skoda

Petrol and diesel car ban in 2030 is 'pathetic and laughable'- 'We're in a climate crisis'

UK expected to see 300 percent rise in number of EVs on the road before 2030

Fuel prices: Just how much money could you save by switching to an electric car?

RAC issues driving warning due to sweltering conditions as temperatures hit 34 degrees

Soaring prices ‘here for a while’ - when will petrol costs come down? Expert prediction

'Eating a 99 flake ice cream' could see drivers get £200 fine and points - 'Watch out'

Motorists should park on rented driveways to save money on airport parking 'chaos'

'Ludicrous': Proposals for electric car tyre tax attacked - 'Nonsensical idea!'

Drivers urged to follow two key steps at the petrol station to save hundreds of pounds

Man slapped with parking ticket at his wedding while waiting for bride to arrive

Drivers urged to check their sunglasses for a specific number from 0-4 to avoid a big fine

Driver road rages at elderly couple after they steal her parking space - the response

Russia mocked after unveiling sanction-busting Lada Granta ‘Where’s the cassette player?'

Best electric cars drivers should choose now to save money on fuel as prices skyrocket

Fossil fuels ‘will continue to play a major part’ in everyday life despite climate warning

British Touring Car Championship returns to Oulton Park in Cheshire - where to watch

Bargain bangers: The best cars you can buy right now for the cost of a year’s petrol

Most drivers don't know new Highway Code rules when dealing with cyclists and pedestrians

Drivers to be hit with £500 fines for not wearing seatbelts amid new police warning

'Shocking!' Ex-traffic warden fined £400 for parking on 'faded' double yellow line

Electric vehicles are now as popular as diesel and petrol cars finds new report

Motorists should not be put off by driving ranges of EVs - 'More than enough'

Best way to save money on fuel - Martin Lewis shares new trick with drivers

Electric car drivers report staggering change in attitude behind the wheel

Drivers ditch petrol and diesel as used car sales spike after 'worst week of pump pain'

Motorists risk £1,000 fines for letting emergency vehicles overtake - 'follow the rules'

‘No doubt!’ The future of motoring will be fully electric as drivers to ditch petrol

Is this the end for diesel? Record fuel prices and 2030 car ban putting drivers off

The EVs with the longest range you can buy - including Tesla, Ford and VW

‘A bit mad’ Woman builds her own solar panel-powered EV for just £12,500

Mercedes-Benz immediately recalls a million cars due to concerns over braking problems

Half of 18-34 year-old drivers having to borrow money from parents for fuel

Hybrid cars are a 'much better choice' than EVs – ‘No need to worry about charging points!

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