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China: The Morrison Legacy and Beyond

‘Quad’ Talks in Japan Open With Eyes on China and Ukraine

Chinese-language Newspaper: Gunman Mailed Documents Before Attack

Who is Taiwanese? : A Taiwanese American Christian’s Response to the Irvine Taiwanese Presbyterian Church Shooting

“Now I Walk My Own”: Kao Chia-yu’s Path, Part 2

Lies, Damn Lies, and North Korea’s Covid Statistics

Phihong launches a 280W GaN Charger suitable for gaming laptop SPONSORED

Are European Academics Helping China’s Military?

US Strongly Advocates for Taiwan to Regain WHO Status

Japan’s Reluctant Realism on Taiwan

What a Marcos Jr Presidency in the Philippines Means for Geopolitics

The Death Penalty Makes Us Forget Our Humanity. Don’t Let It.

China Faces Grim Economic Prospects, Experts Say

Taiwan’s Lost Growth (Part 1): How Far Has Taiwan’s Economy Fallen Behind Other Countries Due To Stagnant Wages?

How Russia and China Exploit History to Further Their Interests

OTT platforms reached 45 bil. minutes over Q4 2021

Malaysia Suggests ASEAN Engage Myanmar’s Shadow Government

Is This the End of Duterte’s Politically-driven War on Drugs?

Who Are the Young Self-immolators in Tibet?

The Richest Man in the Philippines Is Taking Over the Country’s Water. These People Are Out To Stop Him.

Survey: Over 40% of netizens follow eSports to fuel the economy

Pandemic Has Increased the Interest in Game Streaming Service

Philippines Presidential Election a Rematch Between Late Dictator’s Son, Democratic Leader

The News Lens Featured in the Financial Times Asia-Pacific Top 500 High-Growth Companies 2022

“Princess in the Attic”: Kao Chia-yu’s Path

Shanghai Covid Lockdown Threatens New Export Delays

Zhang Yimou Crafts an Unusual Propaganda Film with ‘Snipers’

YouTube Blocks Account of Hong Kong’s Sole Leadership Candidate

Not Just Marine Life, the Coral Triangle Sustains an Indonesian Community

Indonesia Is a Fence Sitter on the Russia–Ukraine Crisis

Solomon Islands: US, Australia Raise Concerns Over China Security Pact

Hong Kong Residents Report Increased Pressures from Covid Policies

Philippine Independent Bookshops Become Targets of Red-tagging

Preferential Treatment of Ukrainian Refugees Shows Limits of Europe’s Multiculturalism

The Problem With Postcards From Myanmar

Experts: New Sanctions Unlikely To Deter North Korea From Nuclear Path

Civilian Executions Are Not the Only Layer of Hell

The Russia–Ukraine Crisis and Japan’s Energy Dilemma

Indonesia: Thousands of Students Protest Rumored Election Delay

How Does the South Korean Public View Misinformation on Social Media?

Taiwan Mulls Lengthening Military Service

Shanghai Continues Citywide Lock-down Despite Public Outcry, Food Shortages, and Chaos

Taiwan’s Political Culture As Expressed in an Absurd Ad

Ukraine War: How Russian Propaganda Dominates Chinese Social Media

Youth Politics in East And Southeast Asia

Malaysian Proposal to Phase Out Smoking Sparks Controversy, Concerns Over Corruption

What the Chinese and U.S. Militaries Have in Common

UK Withdraws Its Judges From Hong Kong’s Top Court

Will 100% Foreign Ownership Help the Philippine Economy?


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