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America’s Gun Problem

The Big Lie and the Midterms

‘The G.O.P. Has Gone Even Farther to the Right Than I Expected’: Three Writers Talk About the Midterms

Family Members Start to Share the Names of Victims From Texas Shooting

Colombia Election: Angry, Mobilized and Voting for Gustavo Petro

South Korean Workers Turn the Tables on Their Bad Bosses

How Abortion Benefits Men

The Rise and Fall of America’s Environmentalist Underground

Through a Recession and a Pandemic, the Book Business Is Thriving in Buenos Aires

The Texas Shooting and the End of Hope

A Doomed River Crossing Shows the Perils of Entrapment in the War’s East

College Enrollment Drops, Even as the Pandemic’s Effects Ebb

Roxane Gay: The Uvalde Shooting Shows America’s Deep Incivility

Trump Said to Have Reacted Approvingly to Jan. 6 Chants About Hanging Pence

Republicans Have Turned America Into a Killing Field

The Root of Haiti’s Misery: Reparations to Enslavers

Q Train Killing Threatens Subway’s Fragile Comeback

‘Why the Kids?’ In Close-Knit Uvalde, It’s Everyone’s Loss.

At Least Trump Didn’t Get What He Wanted This Week

Parents Face a Haunting Question: Is Any Schoolchild Safe?

Subway Killing Suspect Told Riders to Put Phones Away, Prosecutor Says

These Gun Reforms Could Save 15,000 Lives. We Can Achieve Them.

Summer in the City Is Back (Again!)

Europe Greets Monkeypox With a Touch of Fatalism

Trump Lawyers Are Focus of Inquiry Into Alternate Electors Scheme

Thomas S. Murphy, Broadcasting ‘Minnow’ Who Swallowed ABC, Dies at 96

Another Elementary School Massacre

U.K. Report on Lockdown Parties Is Critical of Senior Leaders

Anguished Father Says 10-Year-Old Was ‘Always Smiling’

19 Murdered Children

The Mango, India’s King of Fruits, Is a Victim of the Heat Wave

Trump Vowed Vengeance, but Georgia Voters Rejected His Meddling

Why Trillium Have Become the Poster Child for Endangered Native Plants

7 Million Bad Student Loans With No Way Out, for Anyone

A Proposed Road in Alaska Threatens Anilca Protections

I Tried Apple’s Self-Repair Program With My iPhone. Disaster Ensued.

Why Is ‘Bob’s Burgers’ So Freakishly Lovable? This Guy.

The Anti-Vaccine Movement’s New Frontier

He’s Playing Elvis Presley. But Who Is Austin Butler?

Her Tennis Coach Abused Her. Could the Sport Have Prevented It?

The Stupefying Tally of American Gun Violence

Donald Trump and the Romance of Regime Change

Corporations Pledge to Buy ‘Green’ at Davos Gathering

Jocelyn Benson: Protests at Judges’ Homes Must Be Legal, but They Aren’t Effective

Four Takeaways From Tuesday’s Elections

Who Decides the Right Way to Protest?

For Minneapolis Police, Change Comes Slowly


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