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Germany finds most items from 2019 jewelry heist

Belgian ice disrupts international trains

Germany to cut the ribbon on first LNG terminal

Former Volkswagen boss Diess to join chipmaker Infineon

EXPLAINED: Who are the people taking German citizenship?

German word of the day: Eindeutig

German debt rises as energy crisis bites

Munich news roundup: Snow travel chaos, weapon checks and a bird arrest

Germany warns on media freedom after Twitter halts reporter accounts

Berlin sex workers reclaim their history with audio app

PODCAST: How Germany’s immigration offices leave foreigners anxious and the latest on Christmas travel

Giant aquarium bursts open in upmarket Berlin hotel complex

Germany's Rheinmetall to create new munitions facility

Will Germany raise the pension age to tackle its worker shortage?

Why Germany is expected to 'dodge recession' in 2023

EXPLAINED: How to travel (without stress) in Germany this Christmas

EXPLAINED: Which German benefits are increasing in 2023 - and how do I claim them?

Germany signs contract to buy 'world's most advanced' fighter jets

EXPLAINED: How to get rid of your old electronics in Germany

Germany pledges tighter laws after far-right coup plot

Germany's recession to be 'milder than expected' in 2023

How sick leave pay in Germany compares to other countries in Europe

Number of people on sick leave in Germany reaches three-year high

Germans warned to reduce gas use amid 'coldest December in years'

Why Germany's energy agency is warning against electric heaters

7 amazing places to ski in Germany this winter

Notorious far-right German attacker takes hostages in jail

'European parliament under attack': What we know about the Qatar bribery claims

The 10 heartiest German dishes to get you through winter

Berlin police call for consequences as climate protesters glue selves to streets

Night trains and faster routes: What you need to know about Deutsche Bahn's new timetable

Living in Germany: The Ampel's first year, a glass Tannenbaum and the coldest winter

Eastern Germany sees biggest spike in rental prices nationwide

Frosty roads and 'icy rain': Cold spell continues in Germany

German hostage held in Sahel since 2018 freed: NGO

Dresden hostage situation ends

Germany to welcome first floating gas terminal

Surviving winter: 8 tips for enjoying the cold like a true German

What do Germans think of plans to allow dual nationality?

Two Chinese 'police stations' uncovered in Germany

One year on: Has Germany's government kept its promises?

German word of the day: Ampel

German parliament to review security after coup raids

When is Germany’s €49 ticket coming - and how long will it last?

Winter freeze to strike Germany as mercury dips to 'minus 20'

PODCAST: A coup plot, and how is Germany helping with bills in December?

How successful was Germany's latest 'Warning Day'?

UK border strikes threaten Christmas travel chaos to and from Germany

'Not harmless nutcases': German authorities identify new suspects in alleged coup plot

Munich airport forced to close runway due to climate protest

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