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ISIS, Not a Threat, It’s eliminated in Afghanistan: MoI

Asset Freezes Worsen Women Plight in Afghanistan: UN Experts

WFP Distributes Cash, Food Assistance to over 10K Families in Six Provinces

Aims at Addressing Afghan Refugees’ Issues, Afghan Delegation to Pay Visit to Iran

Iran Accepts Credentials of Three Afghan Diplomats

UN Experts Urge US to Unfreeze Afghanistan’s Assets

Afghan, Qatari FMs Meet in Doha, Discussing Economic & Political Issues

Taliban Gov’t to Maximize Use of Natural Resources in Energy Production

UNICEF: Education should not Be Hostage to Politics

Taliban’s Defense Minister: Will Not Tolerate “Invasion” from Neighbors

Turkey Repatriates 227 Afghan Refugees

Iran-Afghan Border Reopens in Herat Province

IEA Separates Weekdays for Male, Female University Students

Iran-Afghan Border Closes by Iran after Skirmishes with Taliban

1,500 Afghans Given Humanitarian Assistance Donated by China

IEA’s PM Congratulates Pakistan’s Shahbaz Sharif on His Election as PM

Strike on Pakistan Army Post Claims 3 Amid Heightened Tensions

Taliban Orders PUBG, TikTok Ban for Leading Youths ‘Astray’

US envoy, Abdullah Abdullah Discuss Reopening Girls’ Schools in Afghanistan

IEA’s Delegation to Discuss Airports’ Management in Doha

UN Condemns Kunduz Blast, Calls for Accountability for Crimes Perpetrated

Amir Khan Muttaqi Calls on Britain’s Ambassador to Kabul in Doha

Explosion in Kunduz Province Killed 33, Wounded Dozens of Worshipers

Pakistani Medical Experts Visit Pakistan-built Hospitals in Afghanistan

String of Bombings Prompts Questions over Peace in Afghanistan

Trump: I Would Have Kept Bagram Air Base to Monitor China

Pakistan’s Prominent Religious Scholar Urges Taliban to Reopen Schools

IS Claims Responsibility for Explosions across Afghanistan

UN, Iran Condemn Explosion on Shiite Mosque in Mazar-e-Sharif

Explosion in Mazar-e-Sharif Killed 30, Wounded 80 Shiite Worshipers

Poverty Forces Desperate Families on Kabul Streets

Criminal Flogged in Taliban’s Supreme Court

UNSC Condemns Kabul blasts, Asked for Perpetrators to Be Brought to Justice

US Envoy Urges Taliban to Reverse Decision over Schools’ Closure

World Bank to Resume Three Major Projects in Afghanistan

Recent Blasts in West Kabul Draw Backlashes at Int’l Level

US Announces $48 Million in Aid for Afghan Refugees in Pakistan

Extreme Poverty, Trolley Man Burns Himself to Death in Kabul

Girls’ Schools not Aligned with Sharia Law: IEA Reasoned behind Schools Closure

Qatar, Turkey Condemn Kabul Blasts on School

Multiple Blasts Target Shia Hazara Neighborhood in Kabul, Killing 6

Afghan Journalists Face Ever-Increasing Restrictions

Afghanistan PM in UN: Pakistan’s Airstrikes are Assault on Afghanistan’s Territorial Integrity

Pakistan Urges Afghan Government to Secure Pak-Afghan Border Region

UNAMA Expresses Concern over Pakistan’s Airstrikes in Khost & Kunar

Mujahid to Pakistan: If Repeated, Airstrikes Will Have Dire Consequences

Former Ambassador Discusses Humanitarian Crisis in Afghanistan: Report

Afghanistan’s Foreign Ministry summons Pakistan’s Ambassador

Baradar Gives Hope on Girls Education in Afghanistan

Pakistan’s Airstrikes on Khost, Kunar Provinces Killed Nearly 40 People

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