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Strive Masiyiwa loses over US$620 million in less than a month as Econet shares slump

Zimbabwe dollar down to $290.89 to the US

The Strive Masiyiwa-Patrice Motsepe seesaw

Mnangagwa blasts the West for threatening Africa’s right to self-determination

US now the world’s biggest enabler of financial secrecy

China’s Sinomine buys Bikita Minerals, plans US$200m expansion

Zimbabwe cannot go the Zambia way to stabilise its currency because their situations are different

More Nigerians than the entire population of Zimbabwe smoke mbanje

Two ways to end corruption in Zimbabwe

Did Zimbabwe sign an agreement with UK to accommodate asylum seekers?

Zimbabwe Finance Ministers says suspension of banks loans was a big hammer but it was needed

US billionaires gain US$1.7 trillion as Covid-19 deaths in US alone surpass 1 million

When is Zimbabwe going to have spaghetti roads?

Zimbabwe opposition legislator says Mnangagwa must appoint Vice-President if he is committed to “living no one and no place behind”

Zimbabwe MP says item changed price from $899 to $1400 between shelf and till

What the CZI said about the Zimdollar and the RBZ response

Robert Mugabe Jnr opens up on politics, his father and his lack of freedom

Zimplats ranked one of the most valuable companies in Sub-Saharan Africa way ahead of Econet

Does Zimbabwe have the most expensive bread in the world?

More than 3 000 businesses got forex from auction in March alone

Zimbabwe forex auction only accounts for 22% of foreign payments from January to March 2022

Zimbabwe suspends 3 financial institutions for exchange control violations

Zimbabwe dollar now down to $155.14 to the US dollar

Zimbabwe now has less than 1000 coronavirus cases

What Zimbabwe Auditor-General has said about each of the 101 State enterprises and parastatals over the past 5 years

What the dreaded Private Voluntary Organisation Bill is about

Zimbabwe dollar eases to $150.22 to the US dollar

Was this a sick joke on Chin’ono?

Britain says 26 March Zimbabwe by-elections were largely peaceful

Why South Africans refuse to let Africa in

Midlands down to 3 coronavirus cases

Chamisa’s optimism to beat Mnangagwa in next year’s elections might be misplaced

Masiyiwa is fundamentally a tech opportunist- his appointment to Gates Foundation will not promote African agriculture

Lessons for Zimbabwe from the Russia-Ukraine conflict

562 more recover from coronavirus in Mashonaland East, Zimbabwe down to 1 279 cases

Must watch for black Zimbabwean and South Africans in view of Elvis Nyathi murder

Must watch for black Zimbabweans and South Africans in view of Elvis Nyathi murder

IMF confirms that Zimbabwe surplus is real

Petition to put pressure on South African police to arrest those who killed Zimbabwean in Diepsloot

Mashonaland East down to 975 coronavirus cases as 422 recover in one day

Anyone without national ID must be given one- no need for proof of parentage

Zimbabwe banks now allowed to sell forex to tame black market

Zimbabwe to soldier on with local currency though it is under attack 

Why Zimbabwe hiked bank interest rate to 80%

Top 10% in South Africa earns 60 times more than bottom 50%

Zimbabwe dollar continues its slide, now $145.87 to the US dollar

Does US billionaire George Soros have a state in Zimbabwe’s Econet?

Zimbabwe hikes key interest rate from 60% to 80%

1.5 million Zimbabweans vaccinated in two-week blitz

United States dollar losing its dominance as the world’s reserve currency- IMF


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