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Will the latest shooting of US children finally lead to gun reform? Sadly, that's unlikely

To walk the talk on climate, Labor must come clean about the future for coal and gas

We keep hearing about a First Nations Voice to parliament, but what would it actually look like in practice?

From glasses to mobility scooters, 'assistive technology' isn't always high-tech. A WHO roadmap could help 2 million Australians get theirs

Fragments of a dying comet might put on a spectacular show next week – or pass by without a trace

COVID-19 in babies – here's what to expect

Below the Line: How might our new, more diverse parliament change Australia and the Asia-Pacific? – podcast

How did ancient moa survive the ice age – and what can they teach us about modern climate change?

Tony Burke's double ministry of arts and industrial relations could be just what the arts sector needs

National Sorry Day is a day to commemorate those taken. But 'sorry' is not enough – we need action

I am a climate scientist – and this is my plea to our newly elected politicians

Memo to Labor: you need more tax, working out how much more is urgent

As flu cases surge, vaccination may offer some bonus protection from COVID as well

How plate tectonics, mountains and deep-sea sediments have maintained Earth's 'Goldilocks' climate

Dervla McTiernan: a crime writer probing the complexity of relationships and the courage of good people

The singing was great – but what was it about? Why opera companies should explain themselves better

Super co-contribution has cost $10 billion to help the wrong Australians – so let's scrap it

Dutton, set to become Liberal leader, wants people to see 'the rest of my character'

Eden-Monaro and Gippsland are next-door neighbours: why is one seat safe and the other marginal?

Clive Palmer and One Nation flopped at the election. What happened?

After many false dawns, Australians finally voted for stronger climate action. Here's why this election was different

When is a COVID mutation a new variant, and when is it a subvariant? And what’s a recombinant?

Planetary waves, cut-off lows and blocking highs: what's behind record floods across the Southern Hemisphere?

Surprise! How men react when becoming a dad isn't part of the plan

Whose ‘identity’ are we preserving in Auckland’s special character housing areas?

The election shows the conservative culture war on climate change could be nearing its end

Almost 60% of teachers say they want out. What is Labor going to do for an exhausted school sector?

How the 'reality-distorting machinery' of the federal election campaign delivered sub-par journalism

Low staff turnover, high loyalty and productivity gains: the business benefits of hiring people with intellectual disability

'I want an orgasm but not just any orgasm': How To Please A Woman shifts the way we depict the sexuality of older women

When self-driving cars crash, who's responsible? Courts and insurers need to know what's inside the 'black box'

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens: class prejudices, the convict stain and a corpse-bride

Soon Australian doctors will be allowed to advertise with patient testimonials – but beware the hype

New Zealand has just joined an overtly anti-China alliance – are the economic risks worth it?

Quad praises Albanese government's higher ambition on climate

Word from The Hill: Biden impressed by Albanese's energy (even if the Liberals weren't)

Below the Line: Has Australia's political landscape changed forever? – podcast

Halsey's record label won't release a new song until it goes viral on TikTok. Is this the future of the music industry?

Good timing and hard work: behind the election's 'Greenslide'

Pay 'with a smile or a wave': why Mastercard's new face recognition payment system raises concerns

Lifting the minimum wage is anything but reckless – it's what low earners need

All Creatures Great and Small at 50: why these stories about a country vet still charm today

Why do my armpits smell? And would using glycolic acid on them really work?

Australian voters have elected their government. Now the Labor Party has to make them believe they were right

Morrison's 'great electoral bungle' leaves the Liberals decimated and heading in the wrong direction

As Albanese heads to the Quad, what are the security challenges facing Australia's new government?

A new dawn over stormy seas: how Labor should manage the economy

3 big issues in higher education demand the new government's attention

Queer identity, lust and grief in Lauren John Joseph’s debut novel


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