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Age and education key demographics in government's election loss: ANU study

UK government orders the extradition of Julian Assange to the US, but that is not the end of the matter

More Senate results: Hanson wins easily, but Labor still on track for a friendly Senate

Hospital funding deal sets a tight deadline for real reform, and the clock's ticking

NSW's biggest coal mine to close in 2030. Now what about the workers?

What's a grid, anyway? Making sense of the complex beast that is Australia's electricity network

A $15 billion promise of universal access to preschool: is this the game-changer for Aussie kids?

VIDEO: Albanese holds his first National Cabinet

Marles shifts tone on China at defence summit – but the early days of government are easiest

More funds for aged care won't make it future-proof. 4 key strategies for sustainable growth

More diversity can help solve twin problems of early childhood staff shortages and families missing out

Politics with Michelle Grattan: Tony Wood on the unprecedented energy crisis

In the new Disney Pixar movie Lightyear, time gets bendy. Is time travel real, or just science fiction?

FatBlaster Max has just been banned. Why? Here’s everything you need to know about diet supplements

Moral ambiguity and the representation of genocide – is there a limit to what can be depicted?

Climate-fuelled wave patterns pose an erosion risk for developing countries

This critically endangered marsupial survived a bushfire – then along came the feral cats

New Zealand should celebrate its remarkable prehistoric past with national fossil emblems – have your say!

Watergate at 50: the burglary that launched a thousand scandals

How climate change is turning remote Indigenous houses into dangerous hot boxes

After years of COVID, fires and floods, kids' well-being now depends on better support

Australia isn't experiencing the great resignation yet, but there has been an uptick

Keen to retrofit your home to lower its carbon footprint and save energy? Consider these 3 things

Grattan on Friday: Everything, it seems, is conspiring to test the Albanese government

Want a solution for the energy crisis gripping Australia's east? Look west

5 policy decisions from recent history that led to today's energy crisis

Goodbye Internet Explorer. You won't be missed (but your legacy will be remembered)

Everyone loves Bandit from Bluey – but is he a lovable larrikin, or just a bad dad?

Eating fish has been linked to an increase in melanoma risk – but that doesn't mean we should take it off the menu

The Nationals suddenly find themselves with a new leader and in opposition. So where to now?

'Transparency reports' from tech giants are vague on how they're combating misinformation. It's time for legislation

Geraldine Brooks's Horse is a richly detailed examination of the violence of America's past

Pablo Picasso was not a lone genius creator – he was at the centre of several creative hubs, and changed the course of western art

Does paying for tax advice save money? Only if you’re wealthy

VIDEO: Coalition should be circumspect on nuclear talk before thinking through whether it really wants to go there

Virtual child sexual abuse material depicts fictitious children – but can be used to disguise real abuse

One of Australia’s tiniest mammals is heading for extinction – but you can help

Edtech is treating students like products. Here's how we can protect children's digital rights

First Nations people shouldn't have to wait for a referendum to get a Voice to Parliament

As winter bites, NZ urgently needs a COVID action plan for schools – here’s how to do it

If the opposition wants a mature discussion about nuclear energy, start with a carbon price. Without that, nuclear is wildly uncompetitive

Mental distress is rising, especially for low-income middle-aged women. Medicare needs a major shakeup to match need

Only 0.34% of year 12s study Indonesian. Here are 3 steps we can take towards knowing our neighbour better

65,000-year-old 'stone Swiss Army knives' show early humans had long-distance social networks

Friday essay: scary tales for scary times

With 9 Broadway musicals currently on Australian stages, musical theatre is thriving again

Australia's Reserve Bank has got a lot right, but there's still a case for an inquiry

Grattan on Friday: If the Albanese government did what really needs to be done, it would be a very big target

The ABC's plan to axe its librarians will damage its journalism. Here's why

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