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Brussels Behind the Scenes: Can’t see the wood for the trees

How to protect companion animals in the EU

How to protect companion animals in the EU

European Commission outlines options to mitigate high energy prices

European Council reinforces transatlantic cooperation in support of Ukraine

New Covid-19 cases continue to drop, rise in hospitalisations halted

Colruyt angles to join the meal-delivery market

How history can help us understand the rage against statues

Hidden Belgium: A night ramble in Ghent

8 in 10 vaccinated teenagers want to get booster shot

Volvo factory: Ghent looses out to Gothenburg for new location

Euro sees strongest performance against the dollar since March 2020

Diamond trade: Antwerp market grows to pre-pandemic levels in 2021

Avalanches claim five lives in Austria, one in Switzerland

Amazon registers record-breaking €120 billion one day gain

Supermarkets recall Scottish smoked salmon after contamination fears

Lower electricity VAT will see income losses through delayed indexation

Liège Province on orange alert with heavy rain due on Sunday

21 children mistakenly given Moderna vaccine in Flanders

Iceland: Missing plane carrying two Belgian residents found

Forêt de Soignes gets tough on dog walkers

Brussels Behind the Scenes: Green Deal on the move

Judge lifts ban on ‘Castle murder’ documentary

Giant Ed Sheeran mural removed as Brussels greenlights Belgium’s largest hotel

CST can’t become ‘hidden obligation’ to get vaccinated, says Superior Health Council

‘Accept all cookies’. Data Protection Authority wants to know what it means

More than a quarter of Brussels and Antwerp pre-schoolers lack language skills

Flanders to offer boosters to teenagers if no decision is made soon

Cancer treatment and care disrupted during the pandemic

VUB professor contacted victims after being fired for inappropriate behaviour

Belgium contacts Peru over missing trekker girl appeal

EU auditors: Energy taxation policies in the EU inconsistent with climate goals

Belgium recorded coldest day of the century exactly 10 years ago today

Belgians put more than €300 billion in savings accounts last year

Code yellow for winds up to 80km/h in Belgium, 1722 number activated

Despite pandemic, record number of job opportunities in horeca in 2021

‘Strictest in Europe’: Belgium called on to drop compulsory teleworking

Belgian food industry bans use of titanium dioxide additive

Suspected dealers in Brussels charged with cruelty to exotic animals

Belgium has passed peak, ‘but fifth wave not over yet,’ says Van Gucht

Quality of education threatened by rising energy prices

‘New’ aggressive HIV variant discovered in the Netherlands and Belgium

‘Safety not guaranteed’: 17 elderly residents evacuated from former care home

New legal battle over ‘outdated’ Covid Safe Ticket in Wallonia

VOO ending analogue television and radio signals

Number of new Covid-19 cases decreased by 20%

Difficult spring to come: More people rely on food banks

‘Booster tourism’: uncertainty about boosters drives teenagers to Germany

Green energies? Nuclear power and natural gas cause a stir

Brexit: the mushy pea conundrum

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