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Anti-Russian Sanctions Blocking Fertilizer Shipments Have ‘Direct Impact on West Africa’

Council of EU Greenlights Visa-Free Travel for Kosovo Passport Holders

BJP Outreach to Pasmanda Muslims: Can Inclusive Growth Be Achieved?

Poland Preparing Claims for Western Ukrainian Lands, Russian Intel Chief Says

Nigeria Seeks to Stop Importing Oil Products Amid Plans to Up Refining

Germany Looking for Oil in Kazakhstan and Poland for Schwedt Refinery

NATO Head Stoltenberg Holds Press Conference After Ministerial Meeting in Bucharest

The Unpredictable World Cup 2022: Emotions on the Soccer Field

Moldovan Opposition Holds Protest Rally Against Rising Electricity Prices in Kishinev

Moscow: Brussels Frantically Trying to Steal Frozen Russian Assets

China Cancels Rwanda’s Debt as Sign of 'Healthy Bilateral Cooperation'

TTP Strikes With Deadly Suicide Bombing in Pakistan After Ending Ceasefire

Gas Futures in Europe Topping $1,500 Per Thousand Cubic Meters for First Time Since Oct 14

Book About Indian Emperor Tipu Sultan Draws Flak, Death Threats Against Author

Russia to Develop Capital Construction for Nuclear Forces in 2023, Defense Minister Says

EU Wheat Exports in August Went Primarily to Africa, Middle East

President Putin Holds Videolink Meeting With Russian Cabinet

Beijing: US Exaggerates 'Chinese Threat' to Justify Nuclear Buildup

Murderer of South African Anti-Apartheid Era Figure Stabbed in Jail Days Before Parole Release

Poland Faces Surge of HIV Amid Ukrainian Refugee Influx

‘France is Holding Africa Hostage’ With Grain Shipments

EU Commission Head von der Leyen Proposes to Create Structure to Manage Frozen Russian Assets

Beijing Warns US Against Interference in Sino-India Ties

China's Military Regularly Intercepted Canada's Patrol Jet Over Past Weeks, Ottawa Says

China's Shenzhou 15 Manned Spacecraft Successfully Docks With Tiangong Space Station

Volume of Water in Ganges River Declining, UN Climate Agency Says

Washington's Approach Could Destroy Ukrainian State, Ex-Pentagon Adviser Macgregor Says

Norway to Slap Tax-Fleeing Billionaires With Even More Taxes

Japan Reportedly Planning to Purchase Up to 500 US Tomahawk Cruise Missiles Until FY 2027

Macron Comes to US as EU Fears America Would Gut European Industry, Reports Say

Satellites Used Against Russia in Ukraine May Become Legitimate Targets

Reservoir With Oil Products Caught Fire in Russia's Bryansk Region

Moscow: Strategic Stability Dialogue is Possible if US Ready to Respect Russian Security Interests

Sweden’s Largest Reactor to Get Unplugged Amid Cold Spell, Affecting Power Prices

Russian Foreign Ministry: No Evidence That Tehran Wants to Develop Nuclear Weapons

US Gun-Related Deaths Have Hit Highest Levels in Nearly 30 Years, New Data Reveals

Europe Lost Russia as Energy Supplier, Russian Envoy Says

Videos: Millions at Risk as Severe Weather Prompts Tornadoes, Hail Across US South

The Musk Wars

US Senate Passes Bill Granting Federal Protections to Same-Sex, Interracial Marriages

Ukraine, China & Trade Row: What's on the Agenda for This Week's Biden-Macron Talks?

McCarthy to House Republicans: Stop ‘Playing Games’ With My Speaker Nomination

Oath Keepers Founder Steward Rhodes Found Guilty of Seditious Conspiracy Over Capitol Riot

Minority Report: UK Census Reveals Less Than Half in England, Wales Consider Themselves Christians

Way of the Future: Researchers Use AI, Chest X-Rays to Predict Heart Attacks And Strokes

CAR Militants Commit Terrorist Attack Using NATO-Style Fuses, Officers Union Reveals

Scientists Examining Somalia Meteorite Find Two Minerals Never Before Seen in Nature

Traffic Jam: Chinese Academics Find Starlink Satellites Routinely Break Space Safety Rules

Ancient Remains of Tyrannosaurus Rex's 'Relative' Discovered in United States

How Anglophone Countries are Teaming Up to Curb China's Rise


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