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EU offers Ukraine to give away some territories to Russia to end conflict

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Passenger bus crushes teenager to death in India

Military Times: Next week will be crucial for Ukrainian Armed Forces in Donbass

The Telegraph: NATO split into four camps over Ukrainian conflict

NATO refuses to bear responsibility for 1999 Serbia bombings

American ex-Colonel: Armed Forces of Ukraine immobilized in Donbass

Russian media reveal the name of the next possible Ukrainian president

Five foreign vessels leave port of Mariupol

Biden to 'stand up to the gun lobby' after the Texas school shooting

European Commission proposes to criminalize circumvention of sanctions

Putin signs decree for grant Russian citizenship to Kherson region of Ukraine

Reuters: key stage of Russian operation in Ukraine begins

Captured Donbass battalion* militant: I lost 50 fellow officers

14 students and one teacher killed in Texas school shooting

Hundreds of ex-PM’s supporters arrested in Pakistan ahead of Islamabad march

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Turkey threatens to leave NATO due to possible Finland and Sweden's entry

Expert explains why Ukrainian army is finished if it doesn't leave Severodonetsk

Russia explains the use of submarines in Ukraine special operation

DPR militant: Ukrainian militants might start killing their commanders

Russian and Chinese bomber aircraft patrol Sea of Japan

Ukrainian refugee, for whom British man left his wife, turns out to be a petty swindler

Common fruit prevents hair loss and reduces dandruff

Expert: The US begins the second round of World War III

Patrushev: Russia is not rushing to end special operation in Ukraine

Russia slows down offensive in Ukraine deliberately - Defense Minister

Before surrender, Azov* militants executed civilians at Azovstal

WHO and ICRC stop vital drug supplies to Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics

Russian General Gerasimov 'killed' by Ukrainian militants 'resurrects'

Moscow to take patronage over Donetsk and Luhansk

Donetsk forces go on active offensive near Krasny Liman

Horoscope for May 24, 2022: Astrological predictions

Azov commander announces Azovstal an Mariupol resistance over

Russian Security Council V.C. Medvedev names the duration of anti-Russian sanctions

Expert reports Russia's destroyed NATO weapons supplied to Ukraine

Gerhard Schroeder to leave Rosneft's board of directors

Video: Moment when rocket strikes Palace of Culture in Kharkiv region

Commander of Ukraine's 36th Marine Brigade surrenders

Russian FM Lavrov says all fears about West's plans are now confirmed

Monkeypox on the rise in Europe and on the way to Russia

Russian ruble continues rising in value against all odds

Russia to build 12 military units along western borders

Twenty Ukrainian paratroopers surrender to Donetsk People's Militia


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