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The $40 Billion Betrayal - Ukrainian Supporters vs. American Veterans

Russia's massive December 16 attacks on Ukraine mark new stage of special operation

Russian Defence Ministry reports destruction of rocket and artillery ammo depot in Ukraine

Emergency power outages all across Ukraine after another rocket attack

Baba Vanga predicted mammoth catastrophe and Earth's orbit displacement for 2023

US Treasury sanctions Potanin's Nirvana

Recep Erdogan wants Russia to make Europe depend on Turkey

Hunting for Putin: The West counts on oligarchs, security officials and mafia

Russian hackers expose the list of Ukraine's losses

Ruben once again

Russia installs huge Yars ICBM to send clear signal to the West

PMC Wagner: Ukrainian fighters show resistance that one has not seen in the last century

Bodies of PMC Wagner pilots brought home to Russia

The American Conservative: USA ready to give up on Crimea and Donbass

Russian Armed Forces ready to go on offensive in Ukraine

Putin will be ready to strike preventive nuclear blow

USA's Patriot systems in Ukraine will take the world straight to WWIII

China and Belarus – Russia's key allies in its opposition to USA and NATO

Retired US colonel suggests Zelensky should flee to Poland

Chechen President Kadyrov laughs at Zelensky's peace formula demands

Kremlin: Withdrawing Russian troops from Ukraine before 2023 out of the question

Russian Kalibr missiles disrupt Ukraine's logistics point at port of Ochakov

Putin does not plan to replace Russian General Staff administration - Kremlin

Now or never: Vucic must protect Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija

Russia needs to accomplish two goals to achieve success in Ukraine

Sohu: Ukraine gets three bad news at a time that leave even Russia surprised

Ukrainian military flee at the sight of Russian Terminators

Ukrainian Railways cut transit of goods by 50 percent because of Russian strikes

US mercenary Rebecah Maciorowski killed in Ukraine

Russia needs to be prepared for Ukraine to strike targets deep inside Russian territory

Russia destroys 50 percent of Ukraine's infrastructure, Zelensky admits

Czech President Milos Zeman said he was wrong about Putin

What Merkel said was so obvious. Why is everyone surprised?

Putin: Enemy won't intercept hundreds of Russian nuclear missiles

Putin: Merkel confirmed Russia made the right decision

Merkel's remarks about Minsk Agreements were 'petty and disgusting' – Lukashenko

Viktor Bout says he did not come across Russophobia in US prisons

Massive fire burns OBI hypermarket at Mega Khimki Shopping Mall to the ground

USA stops Peruvian president from making his country invulnerable to colour revolutions

Russia's Belgorod submarine could deploy Poseidon nuclear vehicles off US coast

Yeltsin's adviser says Ukraine denounced Crimea, Lviv and other territories in 1991

US basketball player Brittney Griner exchanged for Russian entrepreneur Viktor Bout

Zelensky believes Ukraine conflict may end in 2023

Military experts: Outcome of the special operation to be decided in winter

Polish writer shocked to find out Russians will not rise to topple Putin

The West is expecting, but not pressing Russia-Ukraine talks

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