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New video reveals leftist group taking credit for censoring Project Veritas on Twitter

Trump say it’s unacceptable how often Putin uses the word ‘nuclear’

Rep. McCarthy leads delegation of GOP reps. to southern border

Rep. Biggs calls effort to remove Rep. Taylor Greene from ballot ‘corrosive’

Ga. GOP governor candidates exchange blows at debate

Rep. Biggs: Alleged Rep. McCarthy comments raise huge trust issue for me

Retired Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott on Biden Border Crisis

Defense Secy. Austin: Nations around the world stand united in supporting Ukraine

Former high school football coach takes religious case to Supreme Court

Brad Parscale: Mainstream media made Trump enemy #1

Rep. Mike Carey: Biden admin. should have opened Fed a long time ago to deal with rising gas prices

Ukrainians stuck in crossfire of war get help with mental health resources

Is the market rejecting “woke” content?

National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation President: Biden union plan takes ‘individual rights and freedoms’ from workers

Mike Lindell: We need candidates that have the people’s back

Ohio governor candidate Renacci says state needs a real Republican in-office to make it ‘great again’

‘It’s complete chaos at the border,’ says Maj. Gen. Mick McGuire (Ret.)

One-on-One with Rabbi Menken, Managing Director for Coalition for Jewish Values

Trump rallies the base in Delaware, Ohio

Rep. Gaetz: Left targeting MTG to chill questioning of 2020 election results

Pro Second Amendment Legislation Making Waves

Media Watchdog on Critical Race Theory in Schools

Latest Durham report finds CIA knew Clinton’s lawyer was giving them phony evidence about Trump in 2017

Are progressives to blame for NYC crime spike?

Judicial Watch asks State Dept. for ‘damning’ Hunter Biden messages

Study: Red states like Fla. had enormous upside staying open during COVID

Catching up with a ‘zero waste family’ on Earth Day

Handyman arrested in fatal stabbing of Queens mother

Biden attempts to drum up enthusiasm for infrastructure in Portland

Sen. Grassley reiterates calls for HHS, DHS officials to testify about consequences of lifting title 42

Biden admin. speaks with Cuban officials about slowing tide of illegal immigration

Biden announces $800M in additional military aid to Ukraine

Ron Paul: Assange extradition is a blow to press freedom

Rep. Gohmert: Dems impose double standard with J6 capitol protesters

Ariz. congressional candidate fights for election integrity

‘This is the worst it’s ever been,’ says Ariz. Sheriff Mark Lamb on border crisis

Calif. Dem State Rep. wants bill to punish doctors for spreading misinformation

Rep. Gohmert: Effort by left to remove MTG from ballot is ‘dangerous’

Idaho ‘cult mom’ Lori Vallow pleads not guilty

Turkey invades Iraq to fight Kurdish militias

Ariz. Gov. Ducey unveils 26 state strike force to secure southern border

Report: Pentagon monitoring Russia’s nuclear arsenal amid concerns Putin may use nuclear weapons

Rep. Taylor Greene on Dems Weaponizing Jan. 6 against GOP

John Lott: Real rate of inflation is above 15%

Calif. Sheriff discusses looming border crisis on part of Title 42 repeal

Trump wants GOP to be ‘America First’ in Congress

Federal judge voids transportation mask mandate

Giuliani’s hold press conference regarding issues facing New Yorkers

State Dept.: We’re deeply concerned with rising tensions between Israel, Palestinian Authority, Arab countries

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