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Benedict Cumberbatch returns for ‘riot’ in multiverse ‘Dr Strange’

Meghan’s father decries Prince Harry as ‘an idiot’ — but hopes to meet him soon

NATO’s proxy war with Russia in Ukraine risks turning into World War Three, Lavrov warns

Ukraine and Russia: What you need to know right now

Ukraine and Russia: What you need to know right now

Moldovan breakaway region says attacks can be traced to Ukraine – TASS

Colby Cosh: Government waste is bad for the environment, too

UN rights team in China ahead of Xinjiang visit

Putin ally says Ukraine heading for collapse into several states

U.N. wants to coordinate efforts to save lives in Mariupol, U.N chief tells Russia

Turkey’s Erdogan plans visit to Saudi Arabia on Thursday -two sources

Finland, Sweden could decide together on NATO ties

Putin says no military operations underway in Mariupol, Kremlin says

U.S. to widen COVID antiviral pill distribution

France’s fragmented left poses new risk for Macron

Russia’s Lavrov dismisses Kyiv’s proposal to stage peace talks in Mariupol

Scientists investigate hepatitis outbreak in children in Europe and US

U.N. is ready to save lives in Mariupol, U.N chief tells Russia

Three Chinese nationals among four killed in a bomb blast in Pakistan’s Karachi

Russia fines Wikipedia owner for not deleting content it says is inaccurate -Ifax

Pentagon spokesman says Russia already weakened after war in Ukraine

Around 190 cases of acute hepatitis in children reported -ECDC

Germany plans to help Ukrainian refugees convert money into euros

Singer Ed Sheeran and ‘national treasures’ to toast Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee

Kremlin says Gazprom working on implementing roubles-for-gas scheme

Pope cancels day’s activities due to flare up of knee pain -Vatican

U.S. to boost green jobs, curb emissions by fixing old oil and gas wells

Russia fines TikTok for not deleting posts that promote ‘homosexual propaganda’

Van blast in Pakistan’s Karachi kills four

Pope cancels day’s activities due to flare up of knee pain -Vatican

U.N. chief tells Russia that Ukraine ceasefire is needed as soon as possible

Breakaway Moldovan region raises ‘terrorist threat level’ after blasts

At defense talks in Germany, US says world galvanized against Russia’s invasion

Sophie Marceau swaps Paris for new life in LA in ‘I Love America’

Three killed in Russian kindergarten shooting – Ifax cites source

Federal Reserve Events

U.S. Supreme Court weighs ‘remain in Mexico’ immigration dispute

Worsening thaw-spurred landslide curtails access to Alaska’s Denali park

Biden’s first pardons ease punishment for non-violent drug crimes

Dinosaurs and superheroes return to rebuild summer movie box office

Russia and Belarus to hold joint air force drills

With giant mall, India’s Reliance sets sights on next gold rush: luxury goods

Ukraine can win war with Russia, U.S. defense secretary says

Moldovan president convenes security meeting after blasts in breakaway Transdniestria region

Russia should launch next phase of Ukraine campaign, separatist leader says

Norway to allocate $44 mln to British-led Ukraine weapons procurement

Russia pummels Ukraine, killing at least 560 fighters – defense ministry

Charest climate plan, Canada’s role in Musk’s Twitter bid : In The News for April 26

Russia fines Meta Platforms over ‘LGBT propaganda’, Ifax says

Blasts hit Soviet-era radio antennae in breakaway Moldovan region, authorities say

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