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Thailand’s Bankrupt Myanmar Policy

Junta Watch: Regime Shrugs Off Outcry on Executions; Claims Troops Uphold Human Rights, and More

Myanmar Unites in Demand to Spare Pro-Democracy Leaders

Myanmar’s Democracy Activists on Death Row Must Be Allowed to Live

Around 90 Myanmar Junta Troops Killed in Five Days: Resistance

Regime Arson Attacks Ruin Lives but not Resistance Spirit in Upper Myanmar

Indian Border Government Issues ID Cards to Myanmar Refugees

Families Worried About Safety of Villagers Detained by Junta in Western Myanmar

Myanmar’s Senior Monks Silent on Looming Executions of Junta Opponents

Once Again, Military Rule Sparks a Brain Drain in Myanmar 

Ex-Military Officers’ Books Offer Distorted History of Myanmar

Myanmar Junta Troops Burn Down Catholic Church in Kayah

Myanmar Regime Using Mytel SIM Cards to Track its own Soldiers

Myanmar Resistance Strike Back After Junta Atrocities

Myanmar Junta Artillery Kills Three Civilians in Chin State 

Democracy Activists on Death Row Deserve Execution: Myanmar Junta Press Chief

Myanmar Regime Troops Torch Villages and Hold Civilians Hostage in Sagaing

Junta Watch: Defying the World on Executions; Splashing Cash While Urging Frugality; and More

At Least Nine Myanmar Regime Soldiers Killed in Chin State Clashes

Senior US State Dept Official Visits Thai Border, Discusses Ways to Aid Myanmar People

Wife of Activist on Death Row Urges Intl’ Community to Save Her Husband

Myanmar Regime Charges Former Irrawaddy Journalist With Incitement

Resistance Force Raids Army Checkpoint, Kills 13 Myanmar Junta Soldiers

No Place to Call Home in the Junta’s Myanmar

Political Prisoners Tortured by Myanmar Junta Troops in Karen State

WHO Worker Shot Dead in Myanmar’s Mon State

Myanmar Junta Sentences Striking Mandalay Hospital Staff to Jail

Resistance Kills 20 Myanmar Junta Troops in Magwe: Claim

Karenni Resistance Ambush Reportedly Kills 10 Myanmar Regime Soldiers

Myanmar Junta Soldiers Tell Villagers to Run to Shoot Them Dead From Behind

‘No Mercy’ for Democracy Activists Sentenced to Hang, Myanmar Junta Says

Myanmar Junta Not Invited to India Meeting With ASEAN Foreign Ministers

Junta Watch: Coup Leader Urges Belt-Tightening While Declaring Return of ‘Stability’, and More

Myanmar Junta Says It Will Execute Two Prominent Democracy Activists  

Timing of Deadly Yangon Blast Suspiciously Convenient for Myanmar Junta

Former President and General U Thein Sein Paints While Myanmar Burns

Myanmar Junta Approves Death Sentences for Two Anti-Regime Activists

Myanmar Junta Detains Villagers Following Clash With Arakan Army in Chin State 

Myanmar Junta’s War Crime Displaces Thousands of Civilians in Kachin State

NUG Declares Myanmar Junta Peace Talks With Ethnic Armies Illegal

Junta Urges Myanmar’s Most Powerful Ethnic Army not to Supply Arms to Resistance

Displaced Civilians Injured by Myanmar Junta Mortar in Sagaing

Clashes Expected in Chin State as Junta Deploys More Troops to Western Myanmar

Myanmar Junta Troops Fire on Rakhine Displacement Camps

Myanmar’s NUG, Allied EAOs Urge ASEAN, UN Not to Work With Junta on Aid

Key Myanmar Junta Witness Denies Paying Suu Kyi Bribe: Court Source

Thirty Myanmar Junta Troops Reportedly Killed in Sagaing

Amid Tension with Local Armed Group, Myanmar Military Submarine Moves to Naval Base in Rakhine

How Myanmar’s Junta Chief Grabbed His ‘Other’ Inya Lake Home

Myanmar Resistance Groups Get Creative to Manufacture Weapons

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