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This man married a fictional character. He’d like you to hear him out.

Discreetly, the young in Japan chip away at a taboo on tattoos

Kristopher Kwiatek: ‘If you keep working hard, you’ll end up somewhere pretty good’

Recipe: Osaka-style okonomiyaki

Mushi Charo: From hellish waters, heavenly flavors

Travel’s ‘great comeback’ has a price: chaos

Is 30 minutes of exercise a day enough?

Less rice for the same price: Inflation bites Asia’s food stalls

Linguistic strategies for winning a Japanese quiz show

They fled Afghanistan for America. Now they feed the newest arrivals.

Awamori’s evolution to become people’s drink in Okinawa

Japan’s ‘hydrogen economy’ runs the risk of being powered by coal

Recipe: Japanese-style seafood tacos

No boundaries — culinary, cultural and other — at Meraki Syokudou

Thai caviar? Farm produces delicacy in a tropical climate

Money matters: Fight inflation with better finance fundamentals

A window of opportunity for Japanese glassware

Getting to know Japanese castles and picking out your favorites

Sake springs eternal at Yumegokoro Shuzo

As the crow flies: A bird’s eye view of Japan’s urban ecology

Kamiwaza trio takes aim at YouTube fame

Photographers Sean Lotman and Ariko Inoaka: ‘Everything has meaning: trees, stones, water, stars. God is in there.’

Tokyo fashion week not as fashion-forward as hoped

A well-crafted speech is powerful in any language

In Japan, April marks a fresh start for students and employees

Japan’s hard core train fans accused of going off the rails

Minakata Jozo: Seeding renewal in rural Japan

Gaming companies slow to press pause on Russian business

Does moderate drinking protect your heart? A genetic study offers a new answer.

Del Sole puts Lithuanian cuisine in spotlight

Cherry blossoms in Tokyo 2022

Tokyo’s Den voted Asia’s best restaurant

Rishiri Island is a backcountry skiing paradise, as long as there’s a break in the weather

Filmmaker Mayu Nakamura: ‘Why can’t a woman be sexy and a mother at the same time?’

Bradley Busetto: Green investments, great returns

How long should it take to grieve? Psychiatry has come up with an answer.

Recipe: Tamagoyaki (rolled omelet in a frying pan)

Michelin Guide celebrates ‘resilient’ French food scene

Are your Japanese translations sounding robotic? Opt for the human touch.

Black hair, white shoelaces: Japanese school rules under fire

Describing an invasion and expressing unity in Japanese amid the Russia-Ukraine conflict

Exploring the healthier aspects of salt in Okinawa

Parklet’s bread and breakfasts bring a taste of California to Nihonbashi

Japanese designers serve up unusual tableware

Tying and retying the knot

A ‘beautiful’ translation does not preclude a ‘faithful’ result

Low-cost sterilization of dogs and cats curbs the euthanization of strays

Beating Japan at its own (video) game: A smash hit from China

Master brewer teaches tradition to rivals, sake brewer heirs

Multinational breakfast specials reflect Aichi’s growing international community

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