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Japanese firm aims to boost tiny portable toilet use in disaster planning

Recipe: ume fizz cocktail

Will Japan’s nonvegans bite on plant-based yogurt?

‘Swamp’ food making a splash with Japan’s health conscious

Travelers ask, ‘Cash, what’s that?’

Sitting pretty at the world’s largest furniture and interior design fair

Understanding ‘hai’ is more difficult than you think

How fashion giants recast plastic as good for the planet

Ally Hongo: ‘If Japan wants to elevate its “brand,” it has to see how the world is changing’

Recipe: Smoothies with a secret sweetness

Sower: Crafting rural Lake Biwa into a culinary destination

Atsuki Kuroda’s new house blends style and taste

YouTuber PewDiePie’s ‘honeymoon phase’ brings positive vibes to Japan content

Can unlikely friendships kickstart fashion’s lackluster recovery?

A new way to choose your next book

Running your work ideas through a nemawashi cycle

Swiss envoy ‘creating value together’ with Japan

Recipe: Sweet bean treats, two ways

Against the elements, Kyushu wine beats the heat

Racing against time to save Japan’s traditional homes

Mario’s 9th: How video game scores landed a date at the Proms

Looking to make an escape in Japanese? You’ll need to know your kanji.

Returning a pencil, returning to work and the return of Okinawa

Step back into the world of ‘Tokyo Vice’

Mitoyo: Kagawa’s hidden gem tries to turn Instagram virality into a tourism economy

‘Timeless travel’ on the Seto Inland Sea

Is Japan happy? Exploring the nation’s evolving views of well-being

Natsumi Yamada: ‘We need to make the issues LGBTQ people face visible’

Puberty starts earlier than it used to. No one knows why.

Da trouble with da, the less formal cousin of desu

New technologies, pure science made in paradise

A fabricated future: Awards highlight pioneers of material design

Libushi Bashamichi: Raising the bar for casual craft beer dining

Award-winning, alchemical delights at Japan’s best bar

The enduring influence of mingei design

Use certain Japanese phrases to turn that ‘mansplaining’ monologue back into a constructive dialogue

Marie Kondo is here to tidy up your pandemic clutter — if you want to

Sara Yoshihara: ‘The best reaction is when a kid with allergies stops by and gets to have a treat’

Recipe: Japanese-style pasta with fresh asparagus

Make rice, not war: Chefs and brewers cook for Ukraine

Fashion’s retail revolution: What’s old is new again

Finding the right words for when you discover a lost item in Japan

Recipe: Malaysian chicken satay

A wooden knife sharper than steel? Scientists say so.

Sota Atsumi brings Parisian flair back home to Tokyo

‘Like family’: Japan’s virtual YouTubers make millions from fans

Japan’s video game makers get a wage hike, but is it enough?

Scientists find no benefit to time-restricted eating

The ‘nuclear’ terms you should know when discussing current affairs

Coffee, tea and nagging at Japan’s anti-procrastination cafe

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