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7FO’s hypnotic ‘Music for Himitsu’ embraces the wonders of nature

‘Love’ exposes taboos and absurdity of social conventions

Shin-hanga and one man’s vision to rejuvenate ukiyo-e traditions

‘Soup and Ideology’: A touching family portrait that feeds the soul

‘Broker’: The all-star cast shines in Hirokazu Kore-eda’s latest film

‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ costume designer Shirley Kurata becomes the story

Net-zero Picasso: Museums rethink art shows to cut climate impact

Filmmakers in Japan push for industry reform amid harassment allegations

Emotional BTS tell fans they’re taking a break to ‘figure things out’

Director Werner Herzog finally finds his medium

Japanese-owned Stradivarius violin sells for $15 million at auction

Artizon Museum’s Jam Session puts photography into perspective

‘Emergent Tokyo’ digs into an urban sprawl borne from chaos and order

‘Mobile Suit Gundam: Cucuruz Doan’s Island’ returns with an upgraded look

‘Yes, I Can’t Swim’: Tearful comedy avoids the shallows

Musician Ryuichi Sakamoto battling stage 4 cancer

Harry and the house that Hosono built

Toshio Watanabe lifts the veil on the bureaucrats who developed Taiwan

‘Tokyo Side A’: Making sense of the ‘pandemic Olympics’

Seven to see at this year’s Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia

Japan’s music festivals are prepping for a summer comeback

Kazuto Ishimaru and the Salon de Suigeikan: A strange world of masks, leather and drunken giant whales

‘Gensan Punch’: It’s the fights outside the ring that matter

Revisiting Jun’ichiro Tanizaki’s flawed families in ‘Longing and Other Stories’

Police probe death of popular Bollywood singer KK at 53

Kabuki actor Ichikawa Ebizo to assume esteemed family stage name of Danjuro

A musical match made in heaven … or was it Harajuku?

Brutal class satire ‘Triangle of Sadness’ wins Cannes Palme d’Or

Trips to Kamusari bring diminishing returns

‘Goodfellas’ actor Ray Liotta dead at 67

Depeche Mode keyboardist Andy Fletcher dies

Lyricist Takashi Matsumoto on Happy End, writing for pop and helping change the course of Japanese music history

Hirokazu Kore-eda tells Cannes he felt ‘pressure’ working with Korean all-stars

‘Inu-Oh’: A rock musical that won’t be headlining anytime soon

‘Anime Supremacy!’: An informative look at the business of anime stops short of getting real

Kill Japan’s elderly? A film at Cannes probes a chilling idea.

Taiko: The beat that goes ‘straight to your soul’

Approaching tea like you would wine, Zach Mangan gives Japan’s main drink its due

Vicke Blanka opens up about shifting musical influences and life as a ‘Supervillain’

Tom Cruise brings his passion for the big screen to Cannes

Li Kotomi’s ‘Solo Dance’ flows across prose and borders

‘Wandering’: Questionable subject matter, handled with care

‘Shin Ultraman’: No deeper messages, just a lot of fun

Ukraine folk rappers boost war morale with Eurovision triumph

Drama and exhibition portray the struggles and successes of Japanese women who moved to the U.K.

Contemporary art to the metaverse: Takashi Murakami’s poppy trip

‘This Monk Wears Heels’ is a thing of beauty

Yukio Mishima’s dark satire obscures the light of humanity

‘Oceanic Feeling’: Go back to the beginning of infancy

‘All the Lovers in the Night’ ignites a spark of hope for lonely hearts

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