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India is bracing itself for a potentially deadly heatwave

Australia offers Ireland the opportunity of a lifetime with €10 flights

Jeremy Kyle discusses ‘the woke world of Disney’ in return to TV

Bodycam footage shows Alec Baldwin's reaction in aftermath of Halyna Hutchins shooting

Global capacity of coal went up last year

Irish cancer patients have access to fewer medicines and get reimbursed more slowly

Elon Musk buys Twitter, will make the social media site a private company

New York judge holds Trump in contempt of court

Putin says secret service foiled attempt to kill journalist

World’s oldest person dies in Japan aged 119

Ireland's film and television industry to become a whole lot greener

Ireland's new motorway average speed camera goes live

A makeup brand is disputing claims Amber Heard ‘used its concealer to cover bruises’

Why North Korea and Eritrea do not have Covid vaccine programmes

Video shows fire raging at Russian oil depot near Ukrainian border

Twitter 'in final negotiations' with Elon Musk over $43bn takeover deal

Russia warns the US against sending more military aid to Ukraine

Lidl to offer paid fertility leave to staff

Sinn Fein deputy leader Pearse Doherty calls for a general election as Gardai send file on Leo Varadkar GP contract leak to DPP

Dublin Airport parking prices soar as demand surges

Google's 'inclusive language' function looks set to divide opinion

Government to fund IVF treatments from next year

Panic buying in Beijing as China's capital fears Shanghai-style lockdown

Vacant social homes to be used to house Ukrainian refugees in Ireland

Ibec warns that Ireland will miss growth targets as inflation soars and Russia's invasion of Ukraine drags on

Macron defeats Le Pen in a divisive French election

Ten dead and 16 missing after tour boat sinks in Japan

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy calls for face-to-face meeting with Putin 'to end the war'

Refurbished electronic devices helping Irish consumers save money and the planet

Zoom agrees to pay $85 million to settle "Zoombombing" lawsuit

Pro-Russian ‘Z’ graffiti daubed at Irish Game of Thrones filming location

Tour boat vanishes in Japan with no sign of survivors

Russia plans to deploy new Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile by autumn

Madeleine McCann’s parents ‘welcome the news’ of formally identified suspect

Will Smith has another film cancelled as projects stall at Netflix and Disney Plus

Video shows Isreal testing new ‘Iron Beam’ laser interception system

Zelenskyy says Russia aims ‘to capture other countries’

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to meet Vladimir Putin in Moscow to press for end of war

Earth Day is a chance to reset and think about how our daily actions impact the planet

Ireland's livestock numbers, both North and South, need to be reduced if climate targets are to be met

500 pounds of marijuana spilled on to Missouri highway after three-car crash on 4/20

Cork Luas route to be announced later this year

EU moves one step closer to making USB-C the charging standard for all smartphones, tablets and laptops

On Earth Day, climate activists in Europe call for end to imports of Russian fossil fuels

Government plans to pay households up to €400 per month to accommodate Ukrainian refugees

Europeans endured a year of fires, flood and heatwaves

'Let's burn Amber' - Johnny Depp confronted with graphic texts during Amber Heard defamation case

UK prepares law that would allow it to ignore Northern Ireland Protocol

Portuguese authorities declare man formal suspect in Madeleine McCann case

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