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How electric chopsticks could help cut salt consumption

How ByteDance has its sights set on the music industry

Departing South Korean leader exchanges farewell letters with Kim Jong Un

'Mariupol is gone', people who escaped describe flight from ruins

From a Picasso to a 56.87-carat emerald necklace: Biggest auction sales of 2021

Tiny Bronte book, unseen for a century, goes on sale in New York

Ecotourism giving rare iguanas a sweet tooth and high blood sugar

World Earth Day: 3 approaches to better invest in our planet

Startup Fridays Season 2, Episode 8: We like to engage founders right from their -1 to 0 stage — Rajiv Srivatsa

Bahamas may allow residents to pay taxes with crypto

Three ways to make your wardrobe greener this Earth Day

Coinbase to acquire BtcTurk exchange for $3.2 billion

Paris Hilton invests in Afterparty's new NFT ticketing platform

Solar bus technology is hitting the streets of Munich

'I've had it with this guy': GOP leaders privately blasted Trump after Jan 6

Cybersecurity awareness, education dismal in Indian boardrooms

Ridley Scott to Make a Movie on Ethereum

Return to Office: Will women continue to pay a price for flexibility?

CNN+ streaming service will shut down weeks after it started

Elon Musk says he has financing to take Twitter buyout bid to investors

WHO 'strongly recommends' Pfizer's Covid pill

Meta's Sheryl Sandberg accused of pressuring Daily Mail over boyfriend; Google adds 'reject all' button in EU; HCLT projects 12-14 percent growth

Barack Obama calls for tighter reins on big tech

China axes 15 coal plants abroad after Xi pledge, but loopholes remain

Russia to include cryptocurrencies in its updated tax laws

Eco-grazing: What if you could get your lawn 'mowed' by goats or sheep?

From Taylor Swift to Beyoncé: When music's top stars lend their names to insects

Tracking Start-up journeys to success

40 crypto companies sign open letter to EU regulators

How Datsun tried to capture the Indian market before finally bowing out

BTC and ETH will break all-time highs in 2022: Celsius CEO

From the Wolf of Wall Street to a self-styled crypto wolf

Blockchain games are leading the DApp industry: DappRadar report

Forbes India Debate: Will the government's capex boost kickstart private investment and economic growth?

Mystery persists after initial report into China Eastern jet crash

IMF, World Bank chiefs warn of pandemic, war impact on poor nations

How the Sampath sisters' Yogabar brought healthy snacking to India

Big agriculture, climate slashing insect populations 'by half'

Bitcoin's new puzzle: How to ditch fossil fuels and go green

Twitter, analysts wary of Elon Musk takeover bid

'Best day ever', Jeff Bezos after space flight; Swiggy raises $1.25 bn; and Sandeep Nailwal explains the basics of Polygon (Part 2)

78,533 new companies registered in 2021 so far; Maharashtra leads: Covid-19 second wave fails to dampen new founders

Meet Sanjal Gavande, Indian engineer at Blue Origin shepherding Jeff Bezos' flight to space

Emerging job prospects in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors

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