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Elon Musk Twitter takeover: A new form of activist investment

Misery index

The likely demographic impact of the covid pandemic

Shock and awe tactics may be needed to contain US inflation

Free India from the grip of regulations and compliances

How to correctly assess the debate on extreme poverty in India

Further grist to the mill of our great Indian debate on poverty

A misguided policy that is starting to come apart

The new law, the first step in ridding the tea sector of colonial, socialist past

What Macron's re-election means for globalisation and the world

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and India’s opportunity

Internet of Things , AI to drive business value for fleet management firms

Liberty vs. net safety

Trade deals with India to the rescue of political careers

The world is too dependent on supplies of wheat to feed itself

How patents influence access to vaccines and what we could do

Why Musk appears to be in search of an oppressor

Ownership of digital devices is crucial for a thriving free society

Amway a Ponzi scheme? ’Buyer beware’ won’t do

Mukesh Ambani vs Jeff Bezos again. This time, over cricket.

Electric safety

The intricacies of home delivery of alcohol

Five ways for small firms to forge robust supply chains

We lack research data on how masks help us keep covid away

It’s time to celebrate democratic governance in a war-riven world

The Indian capex wheel has begun to take a green turn

High inflation a threat to Indian food security

Wimbledon double fault on the point of openness

Building brand reputation using sustainable practices

Bulldoze injustice

We face rising rates fed by a shaky set of factors

Life beyond the 30-second audio-visual advertisement

Rishi Sunak’s bright prospects in British politics have dimmed

We must revamp schools as they reopen after the pandemic break

CUET: Suitable for admissions or a half-baked policy?

The challenge of getting those supply chains closer to home

The merger of IT subsidiaries augurs well for L&T

Banks as backers

The fading dream of an online civilization of the mind

Why wheat prices have shot up despite India’s huge reserves

Today’s entrepreneurial boom may disappoint us

Our civil service recruitment resembles a lemon market

Sexual assault is a war crime that must not go unpunished

The inflation dragon will not be easy for RBI to tame

TCS is no longer the most profitable Tata company, and that’s a good thing

Red-hot WPI

Musk’s Twitter buyout bid and the future of internet platforms

Geopolitical realignments alone cannot spell peace in West Asia

Sri Lanka’s crisis and the folly of going by obscure theories

How the IAS has fared well in service to the nation

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