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EXPLAINED: How to understand your German payslip

Pressure grows on Germany to introduce tougher speed limits

Tell us: What culture shocks have you experienced in Germany?

German 'hotspot' states to lift most Covid restrictions

How will Germany's €9 monthly travel ticket work?

Germany to authorise tank deliveries to Ukraine

Germany struggling to fill tens of thousands of trainee jobs

Pressure mounts on ex-German chancellor Schröder over Russia ties

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Nine expressions that perfectly sum up spring in Germany

How German reproductive laws are pushing women to seek therapy abroad

Germany boosts borrowing to tackle Ukraine war costs

Russia expels 40 German diplomats amid escalating tensions

EXPLAINED: Why tenants in Germany could see bigger rent increases this year

German business mood up slightly despite Ukraine war

German politicians call for 'lost' public holidays to be replaced

German climate group calls for higher parking charges

'New start for Franco-German ties': German politicians congratulate Macron on vote win

'Zu verschenken': Is it legal to put old stuff on the street in Germany?

German schools phase out mandatory Covid tests for pupils

Djir-Sarai confirmed as new General Secretary of Germany's FDP

Thousands protest in German town threatened by mine expansion

Younger generation in Germany would rather live in the past: poll

15 years on, Portugal eyes German suspect in missing Maddie case

Inside Germany: Heavy weapons, 'Spargelzeit' and kebabs thrown at German police

Lüften: Why Germans are obsessed with the art of airing out rooms

Five things you’ll find in (almost) every German home

OPINION: Scholz is already out of step with Germany - it's time for a change of course

Scholz rejects 'slanderous' criticism of his party's Russia policy

Ukrainian journalists carve out new niche in Germany

French elections: What would a Le Pen or Macron win mean for Germany?

Where in Germany do people have the highest disposable income?

EXPLAINED: How the climate crisis is hitting Europe hard

German Agriculture Minister wants to scrap VAT on fresh food

UN expert sees ‘systemic failures’ in Germany’s handling of police violence

German parliament to end mask-wearing rule for MPs

German word of the day: Der Pendler

Germany to backfill East European heavy weapons for Ukraine

What's the latest on Germany's plan to change dual citizenship laws?

German consumer groups demand VAT cut on fresh food

Co-leader of Germany's Left party steps down

Germany to slash subsidies for electric cars

German finance minister tests positive for Covid during US trip

How to translate your favourite English sayings into German

Majority of German tenants have lost hope of buying a home

German banks accused of charging 'illegal' fees to customers

Austria vs Germany: Which country is better to move to?

Will freelancers benefit from Germany's €300 energy allowance?

Everything you need to know about your German tax return in 2022

'Too little, too late': Scholz under fire for inaction on Ukraine

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