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Pavel Filatyev: A Russian Soldier Speaks Out about the War in Ukraine

Right at Home: A Visit to an Abandoned Russian Bulwark Near Kharkiv

Interview with Former Italian PM Romano Prodi: “It Would Be Suicide for Meloni to Start a Fight with Brussels"

Editorial: Is Putin Bluffing the West or the other Way Around?

Sabotage in the Baltic: Nord Stream Attacks Expose Vulnerability of European Infrastructure

Social Design Contest 2022: Vote on Your Favorite from the Shortlist

Bolsonaro's Gun-Club Friends: Brazil Bracing for Possible Election Unrest

Serbia's President Targets LGBTQI Community as a Distraction

Germany Not Ruling Out Possible Attack on Nord Stream Pipelines

Russian War Atrocities in Ukraine: The Torture Chambers of Balakliya

Giorgia Meloni's Election Victory: What the Rightward Shift Means for Italy

No More Illusions: Putin Bets It All in Ukraine

Inflation, Bankruptcies and Fears of Decline: Is This The Return of the Sick Man of Europe?

Growing Energy Crisis: A Grave Threat to Industry in Germany

Open Arms?: The Exploitation of Ukrainians in the European Union

The Philippines: The Consequences of Reproductive Ignorance in Happyland

The Great Bluff: How the Ukrainians Outwitted Putin's Army

The Ukraine War: "Russia Is Becoming Poorer and More Backward"

Why Right-Wing Mayor Robert Ménard Is So Popular in France

Energy Crisis Fallout: How Bad Will the German Recession Be?

Bolsonaro Seeks Re-election: A Vote for the Future of Brazil

Poland's Prime Minister on Ukraine War and Energy Crisis

Habeck's Meltdown: Nuclear Energy Standby Proposal Has Germany's Greens Seeing Red

European Commissioner Gentiloni: "The Coming Winter Could Be One of the Worst in History"

Russian Meddling in the Balkans: "Over and Over, Putin Says Kosovo, Kosovo, Kosovo!"

Laos and the New Silk Road: The Train to Dependence on China

What the Natural Gas Shortage Means for Germany: A Winter of Privation?

Nuclear Power for the Winter: Germany's Green Party Confronts Its Last Taboo

Zelenskyy's Risky Push: Ukraine Goes on the Offensive in the South

Wielding the Pen: Fighting on the Twitter Front in Ukraine

Accusations of Child Exploitation Haunt Austrian Filmmaker Ulrich Seidl

The Germans' Dramatic Escape from Afghanistan in 2021

Escape from Afghanistan, Part II: The Dramatic Rescue of German Staff and Local Hires in Kabul

Germany's Escape from Afghanistan: "We're Destroying the IT. Have a Nice Sunday"

Border Lawlessness: Greece's Slide Toward Authoritarianism

Hackers, Spies and Contract Killers: How Putin's Agents Are Infiltrating Germany

BioNTech Founder Uğur Şahin: "The Virus Continues To Mutate at a High Speed"

Pleasure Trips from Moscow: How Putin's Daughter Traveled Unnoticed to Germany

Road to Nowhere: Debts Mount with China's Prestigious Silk Road Project

The Russian Patient: How Much Blame Does Society Bear for Putin's War Crimes?

"Anything Seemed Better than Lying Dead in Mariupol": Ukrainians Speak about Being Taken to Russia

Brazil Has High Hopes for a New Strain of Wheat

How Putin's War Changed My Moscow

The Taliban Catastrophe: Afghanistan One Year After the Takeover

Flirting with a Meltdown: Fighting Near Ukrainian Power Plant Raises Risk of Nuclear Accident

Germany Sees Tidal Shift in Sentiment Toward Atomic Energy

Interview with Afghanistan's Former President: Mr. Karzai, Should the West Work Together with the Taliban?

A Journey through Contested Eastern Ukraine: Many in the Donbas Feel Betrayed – By Kyiv

How the Ukraine War Hit Home for Me: When War Knocks on Your Door


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