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COVID Chaos Unfolds in China: From One Extreme to the Other

Corruption Scandal in the European Parliament: Who Got the Bags of Money?

The Death of a Forced Friendship: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Ends an Era in Finland

DER SPIEGEL Survey: Musk Destroys Tesla Image in Germany

Spying on Chinese Living Abroad: A Visit To the City Responsible for China's Police Stations in Europe

Prosecuting Aggression: Will There Be a Special Tribunal for Putin?

Prince Putsch and His Gang: The Motley Crew that Wanted To Topple the German Government

Interview with UN Coordinator for Ukraine: "If There Is a Complete Blackout, It Will Be a Catastrophe"

Saving Indonesia's Capital: A Simple but Genius Plan for Jakarta

Balling in the Banlieues: The Problematic Roots of France's Football Success

The Stain of Toxic Masculinity: One Man's Crusade against Machismo in Latin America

Friends or Frenemies?: Significant Trans-Atlantic Divides Emerge in Global Chip War

The Russian Mobilization: One Soldier's Effort to Avoid the War

Tragedy in Mariupol: The Boy Who Lost His Family But Not His Hope

A Year with Angela Merkel: "You're Done with Power Politics"

Fears of Chinese Aggression Grow in Taiwan: "Where Are We Supposed to Go?"

Kamikaze Killers: Iran's Drones Fly with Western Technology

"The Regime's Legitimacy Is Eroding": Iran Protests Continue Despite Brutal Repression

Russia's Second Front: Putin Seeks to Destabilize Ukraine's Neighbor

Lebanon's Economic Crisis: Armed Cash Withdrawals Spread amid Growing Desperation

High Society: High Hurdles Face Germany's Cannabis Legalization Plans

Infantino's Disaster: Opening Day Highlights the Qatar World Cup's Shortcomings

A Visit to Kherson: City Has Been Liberated, But a Few Are Not Happy

The Winter World Cup: Qatar Has Spent Years Preparing, But Is the World Ready?

Anthony Fauci's Life as a Right Wing Target: "The Evil in the World"

South Sudan and the Consequences of Climate Change: Islands of Suffering

All Eyes on the Gulf: The Present and Future of Europe's Energy Supply

Natural Gas from Senegal: European Casts Covetous Eyes toward West Africa

Namibia Continues Seeking Justice for Germany's Colonial-Era Genocide: "It's As If We Never Existed"

Great for the Climate: The 2022 Social Design Award Winners

A Day with ECB President Christine Lagarde: One Wrong Word Can Cost Billions

The Fight for the Amazon: Ongoing Deforestation in Brazil a Huge Challenge for Lula and the World

Beijing's Long Arm: China's Secret Police Stations in Europe

The Crypto Art Crash: What Remains of the NFT Hype

"We Are Moving Backwards": A New "Underground Railroad" in U.S. Amid Draconian Abortion Laws

Business As Usual: German Companies Ignore Major Risks in China

Irreversible Contraception: Why Female Sterilization Is Both Widespread and Under Fire

"Arrogant": German Chancellor Alienates European Partners

Star Economist Roubini on the Global Crises: "World War III Has Already Effectively Begun"

Epidemiologist Jeremy Farrar on the Next Viral Threat: “I Fear We Are at the Beginning of an Era of Pandemics”

The Long Arm of the Mullahs: Hamburg Mosque Reportedly a Hotbed for Iranian Propaganda

Protests in Iran: The Regime’s Trail of Blood

The Women of Iran Have Had Enough: Anatomy of an Uprising

The Omnipotence of China's Xi Jinping: "Chairman of Everything"

Former Italian Premier Giuseppe Conte: "If Meloni Pursues Reactionary Positions, We Will Have to Mobilize All Our Powers"

The Courageous Women of Iran: A Lesson for the World

Unrest in Iran Sends Waves of Uncertainty Across the Region

Björn Höcke: The True Leader of Germany's Right Wing AfD

Hans Niemann Mentor Maxim Dlugy: "What Magnus Carlsen Did Is Absolutely Ridiculous"

Why DER SPIEGEL Is Publishing the EU Investigative Report on Pushbacks

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